Meet Team Knotty: Imad

July 31, 2015


Leaving his home and family in Iraq was a difficult step for Imad, as he took political asylum in Jordan for 10 years before resettling in America. “The president was a big problem, he made our lives very difficult. There was no safety, and life was always dangerous. As a boy, his father taught him to sew, and Imad has worked in Iraq, Jordan, and now America as a sewer, determined to cultivate and advance his professional skills. While moving across the world on his own has been a difficult transition, Imad has skillfully found ways to both stay connected with his family back home and work towards a promising future for himself here in America. Some of the biggest challenges he has faced have been learning English and finding meaningful sustainable employment, which is why he sought out Rachel Cox at the ACC We Made This Program to receive an assessment and certification. “I sewed two jackets for Rachel that she liked so much. She gave me a good recommendation to Knotty Tie and I love my job here,” Imad says. He is grateful to have found employment where he feels empowered to learn, grow, and use his professional skills. Imad’s craftsmanship keeps us in awe, and he is both a welcome breath of fresh air and example of hard work to our team. He aspires to learning English and is currently working towards that goal with weekly classes, as well as listening to English programs while he is sewing. “I think it is not easy to find a good job that also encourages me to pursue my personal goals and education, and I have found that here at Knotty Tie Co.,” Imad says.

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Meet Team Knotty - Omar

Omar is from Hama, Syria. When Syria broke out in war, the government started throwing civilians in jail without cause. After 8 months of living in fear of being thrown in jail at any moment, Omar fled Syria. He and his family found safety at a refugee camp in Jordan. At first Jordan welcomed Syrian refugees, but as more and more Syrians were displaced by the war, Jordan grew reluctant to accept more refugees. Omar lived in the refugee camp for 5 years before he was granted asylum in America.

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Meet Team Knotty - Tayebeh

Tayebeh was born in Iran, but moved to Turkey with her family when she was 21 in search of a better life. She found Turkey to be a very beautiful place, and found its people very helpful and kind. In Turkey, Taybeh worked for a company sewing curtains, and she married her husband, Mahdi. Her native language is Farsi, but languages come naturally to Tayebeh - it took her only 3 months to learn Turkish! Tayebeh moved to America in 2015 with her family.

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Solomon was born in Ethiopia but had to flee to a refugee camp in Djibouti due to political instability. At the refugee camp, Solomon worked as a photographer and was active in the camp community. He lived in the refugee camp in Djibouti for 23 years before the American government accepted his case. His flight was booked for September 17th, 2001, but when the September 11th terror attacks happened, Solomon’s immigration was put on hold for another 10 years.

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