Meet Team Knotty: Featuring Genet


Forced to leave Eritrea because of racial discrimination, Genet and her family fled to Ethiopia, where they spent a short time in a refugee camp. Genet knew life in Eritrea as dangerous and unpredictable, with her sons having been thrown in jail without cause, and her husband denied multiple requests to leave Eritrea with his family. Bravely accepting the new challenges before her, she came to America, and has flourished in her new surroundings. In Eritrea, Genet owned a small store, selling a variety of goods, and when she came to America, she did not know what she was going to do. “I am so happy to have found the ACC program. I learned to sew, and I made friends. I gained confidence in my new life in America and who I am here.” After completing the sewing program at ACC We Made This, Genet came to work at Knotty Tie Co. and continues to learn new skills every day. “I am so happy to work at Knotty Tie with my friends. I am able to go to English class in the morning and come to work after. I am thankful for the freedom I have here. Showing my children that they can create opportunities for themselves in a new country is empowering.”

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