Meet Team Knotty: Featuring Hana


Fleeing an oppressive and unstable government in her home country of Ethiopia, Hana and her family were relocated to a refugee camp in Kenya. She was able to learn basic sewing skills through a training program there and continued to sew during her free time, when she was not picking up odd jobs trying to provide for her two children. Soon after moving to America, Hana attended the ACC We Made This program, which she says was a huge influence in her transition to life in America. “The only job I could find was making chocolates in a large factory, but it was only seasonal work and I did not enjoy it.” Upon receiving her sewing certification from ACC, Hana began working at Knotty Tie Co. “I am so thankful for my job here because at Knotty Tie, I am able to learn. ACC taught me a skill and now I can work hard to earn a good salary. Just imagine - in another job, I would be working many hours for very little pay, and we wouldn’t be able to laugh and work together with friends.” In the future, Hana wants to pursue higher education, and return to work at Knotty Tie to invest in the growth of the company.

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