Meet Team Knotty: Featuring Adolphine


The DRC is a dangerous and unpredictable place for a single mother with two children. Adolphine had dreams and the determination to do something great, but with little to no career opportunities for women in the DRC, it was near impossible to gain education and find sustainable employment. Fleeing the ever increasing combat near her home, Adolphine  and her children relocated to a refugee camp in Kenya, and after living there for many years, were resettled in America. While the move was a vast and intimidating shift, attending the ACC We Made This program brought her out of her shell, and built her confidence on every level. “The We Made This program is not just for sewing. I improved my English, made friends, and learned how to do life in America. I gained back the confidence of who I am, and who I can be in America.” Working in a factory, Adolphine was unhappy with the late and unpredictable hours, and worried about the public commute late a night. With a recommendation from ACC, Adolphine’s initiative and leadership skills made her just the right candidate for a position at Knotty Tie, and she recently joined our team. “It is a good thing to work for a good company. I am so thankful to have a way to provide for my family and use the skills that I have. They take care of us here and I enjoy my work. I want my children to go to school and come to work here at Knotty Tie someday, using their degrees.”

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