Behind the Design: Protecting African Wildlife

by Maggie Williams January 08, 2016

Who? The Painted Dog Research Trust USA protects Zimbabwe's painted dog population through fundraising for scientific research, educational outreach, and connecting local college students with projects that benefit conservation efforts and their education.

Why Ties? The organization recently held an annual fundraiser where they auctioned themed ties right off the auctioneer and researcher's necks. It's a fun part of the night and a great way to raise money for the cause. A short video of their kick-off fundraiser can be found here.

Why Knotty?  When PDRT learned about our mission to help resettled refugees, they knew we'd be perfect company to support an Africa-based conservation organization on this project.

The Design Idea: An artist friend had granted PDRT permission to use his artwork -- a single image of a Painted Dog on a blue background. Executing a clear vision like this one was a piece of cake for our design team.

The Design: Here's the design we came up with:




In their words: "Organizing a fundraiser can be frustrating at times - but working with Knotty Tie Company only made me happy! Thank you for being a very bright spot in my day. I'll shout from the rooftops for you guys - please let me know where reviews are most helpful!"

Maggie Williams
Maggie Williams


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