Meet Team Knotty: Featuring Amal

Amal fled the volatile environment of Iraq with her two children, resettling in America nearly a year and a half ago. As a single mother, the transition was a difficult one, but Amal courageously navigated the challenges of learning a new country, culture, and language. “It was so dangerous in Iraq, and very difficult for me to find work to support my family,” Amal says. Safety is something she greatly cherishes in America, as well as the educational opportunities for not only her children, but herself. “I want my children to succeed in their schooling, and become a doctor and an engineer,” says Amal, who is currently studying English and hopes to attend college in the future. Completing the sewing training program at ACC We Made This, Amal excelled in her class and applied for a job at Knotty Tie. Her cheerful demeanor makes her a joy to have around the shop, as well as the delicious treats she generously shares.

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