The Knotty Tie Holiday Gift Guide 2017

November 15, 2017

Give a meaningful gift these holidays.

At Knotty Tie, there’s a number of reasons why we believe this is what you’re truly giving when you choose to shop with us. Most importantly you’re purchasing a gift that's deeply meaningful to the wearer. It's been designed from the heart, communicates their personality, and of course, fits them just right. 

But there's more to it than that. With this tie:

All the patterns featured below, and in any of our collections, are available as neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares. If you can't find what your looking for in our collections, you can always create a custom design for that one-of-a-kind gift.



The patterns for those of us who have way too much camping gear and leave work at noon on Friday all year long. Bring the essence of a weekend trip to the mountains with you wherever you go with our Adventure Collection ties.

All that's missing is the smell of a campfire. Here's our favorites:




Ski & Snowboard

The mountains are calling! Our ski and snowboard patterns are the perfect choice for any winter enthusiast who wants to stand out.

Look sharp all year round with these ties featuring more goofy snowboarders and single skis than the bunny hill. Great for the après ski aficionado or those unafraid of going back to work with a goggle tan.

Our favorites:





Show your Centennial State and Denver pride with these iconic Colorado patterns. These ties are a must for the early morning commuter, the recent transplant, or local outdoor enthusiast if and when they ever go inside!

Featuring the Rocky Mountains' favorite colors: blue, red, and yellow, this collection includes classic patterns as well as bold new designs to bring a little bit of Colorado or the Mile High City with you wherever you go.

Our favorites include: 





Floral patterns on ties, unlike wallpaper, never seem to go out of style. Our goal was to raise the bar for what a floral pattern as a meanswear accessory could and should look like in 2017.

We have two favorites this holiday season. The first is our new Allison Floral pattern, where vintage wallpaper and a French still life painting collide to create this intricate yet classy design. The other is reminiscent of the Americana tattoo style. Simultaneously edgy and classy, you can look closely and find venus fly traps amidst the flowers. This one's simply called Tattoo Floral.




Beer & Cocktails

Lager, amber, IPA, stout, or extra strong Bloody Mary? Whatever your preference, we have plenty of varieties to go around. These designs vary from our take on modern classics, to bold creations meant to make a statement.

Perfect for the craft brewer, beer snob, home bartender, or breakfast salad maker this holiday season.


Our favorites:





No sharing here. Grab the last taco, slice of pizza, d'ohnut, pineapple, or fizzy can of La Croix while you can. Show your love for your favorite food, or just food in general, with these vibrant patterns that's sure to make everyone jealous... and hungry.

Best of all these brightly colored ties and bow ties are calorie free, with zero grams of sugar, carbs, and sodium, but will give your wardrobe what it's been craving.

Our favorites:




Know someone who never left the 70's or 80's? Our retro designs are just what they need.

Although these patterns may be reminiscent of a food court in a classic teen movie, or even the summer of love, we've carefully designed these colorful retro ties and bow ties to still look good with today's modern wardrobe.

Turn up the stereo (or record player) and jump back in time with these fun patterns perfect for all ages. Can't choose side A or side B? Many of the ties in this collection come in several color options to fit any style.

Our favorites:




Get spaced out with our new collection of ties and bow ties that feature patterns best suited for rocket nerds, astronomers, casual star gazers, time travelers, and Corgi lovers.

That's right, even Corgi lovers. One of our most beloved patterns featuring corgis wearing jetpacks and Abe Lincoln hats has finally found its galactic home in our Space collection. All of these designs are probably not black tie attire but you'll make friends when people see that your new tie or bow tie is out of this world.

Our favorites:



Vaporwave & Glitch

Go up Space Mountain and down the rabbit hole with our new futuristic, geometric glitch patterns. If your looking for some show stopper ties and bow ties, this is the place.

Perfect for sunset nights in Miami or the neon streets of Tokyo, these designs gives the chill vibes your wardrobe needed.

Our favorites:




Bicycle race, bicycle race, bicycle race! Our favorite method of inner city transportation comes to life on these whimsical tie patterns featuring everything from parts and gears to boardwalk ramblers.

Pull the beach cruiser out of the garage and go for a funky ride with our wobbly Bike Ride pattern. Not a up for a cruise? Don't worry, our Bike Parts pattern has a more refined steampunk vibe featuring tires, gears, and other bike parts we've deconstructed for this pattern.

Don’t miss our simple Bikes pattern down below in our Classics section!



Knotty Classics

These featured patterns never seem to go out of style. We're bringing them back together once again as a featured collection these holidays. Whoever is on your list, you can't go wrong with these Knotty Tie classics.

Astronauts, pizza slices, car air fresheners, oh my! Get out there with Space Junk, one of our most popular space inspired designs. Available in black and navy.

Know someone who's seen Jurassic Park twenty times or have a little one who can't get enough of T-Rex? Add a prehistoric touch to their wardrobe with this fun Dinosaur pattern. Available in five colors.

The the best way to avoid a case of the Mondays is by sporting our Computer Blues tie or bow tie! Go ahead, embrace your inner computer nerd.

Bring your bike with you wherever you go with our most classic and simple bicycle themed design, aptly named Bikes. Available in six colors.



New Knotty Favorites

Last but not least are a handpicked selection of brand new patterns that have a range of appeal for those tie wearers on your list.

Why you need a Camo tie is up to you, but we make it easy to complete your look with our camouflage pattern. Available in four colors as well as our Digi Camo version.

Get carried away with our hot air Balloon Festival tie. Perfect for your annual voyage to Albuquerque or wherever your flying next!

Even if you have trouble keeping succulents alive at home, you can wear them wherever you go with our Succulent Garden pattern.

Bring out your inner Santa Fe with Herbage, a southwest desert inspired pattern featuring prickly plants and iconic colors from the region.

Camo Necktie  

Succulent Garden Bow Tie  Herbage Necktie


Your choices are endless this holiday season when it comes to purchasing gifts. But it’s an opportunity to show support for those that you want to do business with. As more and more companies put a social mission before all else, let’s use the holiday season as an opportunity to support them and those they help.


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