The Tale of the Golden Pine Cone by Jonah Berger

by Anna Johnson August 17, 2016

Love comes in many shapes and sizes. Even a pine cone. My name is Jonah and I am 44 years old. I am getting married to my sweet love in less than a month.

In 1997, when I was 25, I went solo camping in western Maryland. I went on a hike and sat by a river thinking about love. Hoping I would find it someday. Having a chat with God to make sure it was understood how important this was to me. To mark the moment, I decided to bury something. I looked around and found a tiny pine cone. I dug a hole and wrapped it in my torn off shirt pocket and buried it there. But a large tree that I marked with a few ax chops. I decided that day that when I found my true love someday, I would dig it up and dip it in gold and make a necklace for her.
A few years later, I went back to try and find the tree but couldn't for the life of me, so I figured it was gone for good. 15 years later, I was living in Colorado as I do now, and I met Megan. We fell in love and two years later, we were on a hike in the U.P. of Michigan, and I knew I was close to asking her to marry me, so in lieu of giving her the pine cone, I decided to tell her the story of the golden pine cone. Which I did. She thought it was sweet. I told her I tried to find it but couldn't. And that if I had found it, I would have made a necklace for her.  We had a great hike and on our way back to the car, got a bit lost in the woods. And it was getting dark outside. We were a bit panicked. We finally found the car and ran to it and jumped in and hugged in celebration. In the midst of the excitement, she said to me, "Oh, I almost forgot, how weird is THIS?" At which point she reached down into her cup holder of her car and pulled out a gold chain with a tiny gold pine cone charm hanging off it! We couldn't believe it. Two days earlier, her mom was getting n rid of some old jewelry and saw it and thought it might look good on Megan. So she gave it to her. And Megan had put it in her car on her way out. Having NO idea I was about to tell her this story.
It became our symbol and is a bit of the theme for our wedding. So when we went to have a tie made for the special day, we told the wonderful weirdos at Knotty Tie about this story, and they ran with it. We ended up with this amazing and personal Pine Cone tie with a special little golden pine cone on the back! We have had the best experience with this awesome place and would recommend it to anyone who needs a personal tie that has a story to tell!

Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson


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