For Miles Infinity Scarf

My son Miles drew this little cartoon face everywhere. He signed his school work and art work with his "wild thing face," and he sharpied it on walls and doors all over town. (If you turn it upside down, it's also a skateboard-his other favorite hobby.)

My sister Anne created this design as a gift to members of my family. It was our first Christmas without Miles. He would have been 18.

Miles was an artist. He loved photography, music, and movies. He filled notebooks with poetry and musings. He took thousands of pictures and developed his own film in the darkroom using the dozens of cameras he found in thrift shops around town. He made zines of his photographs and shared them with everybody, and he was always encouraging the people around him to be creative.

The ties and scarves were wonderful gifts for my family that we will treasure as daily reminders of Miles and his spirit. Our friends have requested their own. The design helps us remember Miles and share his creativity and passion. Wear it well.

--David Foreman
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