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Floral Bow Ties

Shop and customize dozens of floral bow ties you won’t find anywhere else. From classic flowers to modern botanicals, our floral print bow ties are grown to flower compliments!

floral bow tie frequently asked questions

In 2023, the color of the year is magenta – a vibrant pink/purple that pops against a classic black or Navy blue suit. Emerald green bow ties are also popular this year, as are shades of lavender purpleEarth tones are another, more subtle, trend in 2023. Earthy tones like beige are easy to wear, and pair well with Navy blue and brown suits. 

In any year, pink bow ties are popular for spring time. Hot pink and turquoise are also perennial favorites in summer. In autumn, opt for rich shades like burgundy or for muted, earthy bow ties. Winter brings formal weddings and holiday parties, where jewel tones shine, along with the perpetually popular black and white.

Floral bow ties are very appropriate for weddings, both for guests and for the groom or groomsmen. We offer self-tie and pre-tied wedding bow ties for kids and adults, so you can outfit the entire wedding party. Matching floral bowties make wonderful groomsmen gifts, especially paired with coordinating pocket squares in the wedding colors. Even the youngest boys can wear floral bow ties in our baby size, which comes pre-tied, with a velcro closure for safety. 

However, floral bow ties aren’t just for weddings. You can wear a floral bow tie to almost any event, from prom to a cocktail party. Floral bow ties also make wonderful seasonal accessories during spring and summer, when nature is in full bloom. Pair a lively floral bowtie with chinos and a coordinating button-up for serious spring style.

You may be tempted to order a pocket square in the same floral pattern as your bow tie, but try to resist. Wearing a matching pocket square and bow tie is a fashion faux pas. It’s far better to choose a complimentary solid color or contrasting pattern. 

You can never go wrong pairing a floral bow tie with a pocket square from our solid color collection. We recommend choosing an accent color from your bow tie’s floral pattern to match. Our White Upcycled Pocket Square also pairs well with florals – the crisp white pocket square looks especially sharp against a dark suit jacket, and the coordinating accent thread comes in 28 colors. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, pair your floral bow tie in a pocket square with a contrasting but complimentary pattern. Here are some ideas to consider: 

  • A striped pocket square with a floral bow tie is a classic combination. 
  • Polka dots make a whimsical pairing with florals – try a microdot against a large floral print, and a large polka dot against a small floral print. 
  • Floral bow ties can also pair well with monochromatic plaids, animal prints, and even other florals! 

Once you’ve picked out a floral bow tie, take some time to browse our shop looking for patterns that might coordinate well with it. And remember, a floral bow tie paired with a pocket square makes an excellent gift for any style conscious man. 

With all of nature as inspiration, floral bow ties come in a bouquet of varieties. If it grows in a garden or in the wild, its blooms are probably on a bow tie. In fact, some floral prints don’t even have flowers! Modern floral bow ties incorporate all sorts of plants, from roses and carnations to trees and cactuses

Our floral collection includes patterns featuring the budspetalsstemsleaves, and fruit of various flowers and plants. There’s a floral print for every personality, from pretty and delicate to wild and prickly.

Suspenders and bow ties are a timeless combination. Pairing your bowtie with coordinating accessories like pocket squares or suspenders adds visual interest to take your outfit to the next level. Colorful suspenders and a floral bow tie can do a lot to show your personal style. 

Unlike pocket squares, suspenders have fewer rules about pairing with bowties. Suspenders can match or compliment the colors and patterns of your bow tie. We print to order, so we can create perfectly matching bow ties and suspenders for a seamless outfit.