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The Knotty Tie ColorMatch chart includes over 560 of our standard colors printed onto the same recycled polyester twill fabric used for our ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and suspenders. Also included are colors intended to match Azazie and David's Bridal colors as close as possible.

Knotty Tie Co. is not affiliated with these companies in any way. We print our own textiles and do not use bridal companies fabric nor are we selling their products.

Be Confident in Your Color Choices

“Super helpful - a must buy before purchasing any customized tie colors. You never know how your computer monitor may change a color's presentation, so having a fabric example in person is invaluable.”

"This is essential. Seeing the colors in person makes a huge difference as there’s so much variability from screen to screen. It was well worth the small amount of money to be able to get the colors just right."

"The colormatch chart was great! Be mindful to look at the colors in light conditions similar to the occasion you are attending to get an accurate representation of the color."

"We LOVED having this to match our colors. We ended up with different colors that we would have gone with otherwise. This saved us so much money."

“So glad I got the ColorMatch Chart, and WILL be keeping it for custom made ties that I need down the road to get that perfect color match. Great quality, and helped me get JUST the right tie for my custom suit.”

"This company is brilliant! The ColorMatch chart was epically helpful while designing custom bow ties for our wedding! Love this concept and this customer service!"

"So nice to be able to put the ColorMatch Chart right next to my groom's suit and other color palette to make sure we are happy with the outcome. This is an elite feature."

"Very helpful for coordinating colors from other companies."

"Amazing color chart! The color chart came quickly and offered every color anyone could ever want! Do not hesitate to order the color chart to match any outfit perfectly."

"Excellent guide to correctly match tie with dresses."

“Color chart is exactly what I needed. Helps to determine colors since screen doesn’t show accurately. Exactly what I needed.”

Best product ever! Highly recommend.

"Came in handy when designing ties for our wedding and getting the right colors we want!"

"Lots of color options. The colors are evenly printed AND match to the colors of David’s Bridal fabric and Azazie incredibly well. Really helped make sure our decision for our wedding."

“The color chart was a great tool to help us find the perfect ties for our wedding party!”

"We are so happy we ordered this. It has been extremely helpful with our wedding planning."

"The colormatch chart was so helpful in designing our custom ties! We wanted our groomsmen all in the same pattern but different colors, so it was super useful to see the colors in person and see how they would vibe together."

“So grateful for the colormatch chart! We are going with azazie for the bridesmaids, and the colors really do match! Love that we get a feel for the fabric, too.”

“The chart was critical to matching the tie to the suit, since online pictures can vary depending on your computer screen. I never would have selected the right color if I didn’t have the chart ”

Picture Perfect Wedding Details

Take the guesswork out of coordinating your colors!

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