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Wedding Suspenders

Hundreds of patterns ready for customization in any color, plus matches to popular bridal colors. Our unisex style is designed for men and women and is built with fabric that's made from recycled materials, has a vegan leather y-back and reliable clip hardware.

wedding suspenders frequently asked questions

On a practical level, suspenders are designed to keep the pants up, whether you’re sitting, standing, bending, or dancing. For some body shapes, suspenders are far more effective than belts at keeping pants from slipping. Belts can shift beneath the wearer’s belly and slide down the hips, taking the pants with them. However, the strong alligator clips on our suspenders grip the pants tightly, keeping them in place. When you wear suspenders, your backside will stay covered whether you’re doing the Cupid shuffle or bending to retrieve a dropped item. 

Bridal suspenders can also inject some personality into your wedding attire and help match the overall vibe or style of the wedding. A classic formal wedding may call for ornate suspenders, while a modern wedding could incorporate fresh floral patterns or fun geometrics. Suspenders in our textured collection work well in Bohemian weddings, especially paired with a bow tie. Because formal menswear is so restrained, small details like suspenders or a pocket square do a lot to tie the outfit together. A wedding isn’t just a party, it’s a celebration of love, so it’s worth making the effort to look your best.

Suspenders are a stylish and practical groomsmen accessory with old-fashioned appeal. Traditionally worn beneath suit jackets, mens suspenders are increasingly taking center stage in groomsmen attire. Groomsmen suspenders are a staple at summer and boho weddings, where their old-fashioned look matches the less-formal vibe of the celebration. 

Paired with a tie or bow tie, suspenders can elevate any dress shirt, even without a jacket. This makes suspenders ideal for summer or warm-weather weddings. Not only will your groomsmen be more comfortable, but their outfits will also be less expensive than full suits. (This affordability also makes suspenders a great groomsmen gift!) Like a tell-tale tie, suspenders can also help to distinguish the groom or best man from the other men in the wedding party.

Suspenders also create another opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors or theme. Our suspenders come in patterns ranging from Art Deco to sports-themed, and can be customized in your wedding shades. Even if they are covered during the wedding ceremony, matching suspenders can set your groomsmen apart from the other guests if they take off their jackets during the reception. A groom surrounded by men in matching suspenders makes a fantastic wedding photo – and those same suspenders make equally fantastic groomsmen gifts.  

Our quality wedding suspenders feature 1-inch wide straps made from our signature recycled polyester twill material, which has the sheen and soft hand of matte silk. Strong, heavy-duty alligator clip hardware in silver provides a secure hold to your trousers. Two clip attachments fasten the suspenders to the pants in the front, and one in the back. An adjustable silver slide buckle on the front straps helps to ensure our suspenders fit perfectly. A vegan leather Y-back with flexible back elastic gives our suspenders a classic look and comfortable fit.

Plain black or brown suspenders are always an option, but why stop there? Like all of our products, we print our wedding suspenders to order, so it’s easy to customize them to match your wedding colors or bridesmaid dresses. We can even match to popular shades from Azazie and David’s Bridal! In any shade or color, our suspenders compliment brown, navy blue, and black suits with ease. 

We offer a wide variety of pattern choices, from traditional options like stripes and paisleys, to novelty options like dog or space-themed prints. Use your wedding theme as inspiration, and look for a pattern that fits your vision. 

Once you find the perfect design, simply customize it in your choice of colors. (Read more tips about color-matching for a wedding.) You can even design completely custom suspenders by submitting your original artwork and working with our designers to create something that matches your vision. Personalized suspenders provide that special touch that pulls an outfit together.

If you love color (including colorful suspenders), then we have good news. That old rule about matching shoes to suspenders only counts if the suspenders are made of leather, or if they have leather ends in the front. Since our suspenders have fabric straps, you don’t need to worry about your shoes. But speaking of leather – please don’t wear your suspenders with a belt! That is a fashion faux pas.

Our suspenders come in an inclusive range of unisex sizes to fit anybody in comfort, from the youngest ring bearer to the tallest groom – or bride, for that matter. Sizes are based first on age, for kids, and then on height, for adults. To ensure you’re ordering a set of suspenders that will work best for you, measure from your front waistband, over your shoulder, and to your back waistband. 

Our suspenders come in the following sizes: 

  • Kid Small - 16” to 22” (babies 6 to 18 months)
  • Kid Regular - 22” to 28” (18 months to 5 years old)
  • Kid Large - 28” to 34” (5 years old to 4’5” tall
  • Adult Small - 34” to 40” (4’10” to 5’4” tall)
  • Adult Regular - 40” to 46” (5’4” to 6' tall
  • Adult Long - 46” to 52” (6' to 6’6” tall

Our suspenders have an adjustable buckle, which tends to land directly at the armpit. Lower the buckle to make the suspenders larger, and raise the buckle to make them smaller. The buckle can comfortably rest anywhere from just above the armpit to just beneath the belly button. Adjust the suspenders until you feel a low-tension stretch to ensure they stay on when you move.

wedding suspenders reviews

"Great suspenders! They went out of their way to accommodate a tough situation and got me the perfect suspenders in time for my wedding. Thank you so much!"

"Knotty Tie Co. is a great company that went above and beyond to make our wedding the best it could be. They have a wide variety of colors and designs that matched the colors we chose for our wedding. They even helped with customizing some suspenders to surprise my wife with at the reception. I couldn’t have asked for better customer service. They really take the time to get it right"

"Very user friendly web site to choose tie pattern and colors. It was great news to find out the color section would match Azazie for bridal party. Tie & suspenders shipped within two weeks and was very impressed with look, quality and craftsmanship of products."

“What an excellent service! To be able to match to specific dress colors. The tie and suspenders turned out gorgeous, and are exactly what we wanted.”