Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Ties in Over 500 Colors

You pick the tie color and we’ll make it. Buy solid and patterned neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, suspenders and more in 500+ color options including bridal dress matches.

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Confirm Your Colors in Person First

Use our printed chart to verify and preview colors before ordering your products. The Knotty Tie ColorMatch chart includes 560 of our standard colors printed onto the same recycled polyester twill used for our ties, bow ties, and pocket squares.

Match Your Colors

Solid Color Ties, Your Way

A custom solid-color tie is the best option when you need to find exactly the right color. If you are trying to match a bridesmaid dress (or anything else!), our made-to-order neckties are simple to customize in your colors.

Customize Solid Ties

Complete Your Look

The perfect compliment to any color tie, our Upcycled White Pocket Square with Accent Thread is available in 28 thread color options

Customize Thread Colors

How am I able to choose my own tie color?

Sure, you could take a fabric swatch to the mall in hopes of finding a matching necktie. But if you want wedding ties in the closest possible matching shade, custom neckties are your best option. Our made to order manufacturing process lets you choose the exact shade you need from a palette of 560 vibrant options. You pick the color, we make the tie. It’s that simple.

Unlike most tie companies, we print our textiles in-house using a dye sublimation process. This gives us a far wider range of colors to choose from than traditional tie manufacturers. It is also better for the environment. Traditional silk dyes use a lot of water and rely on harsh chemicals. Instead, we use technology to print recycled polyester in exactly the shade and quantity you need. The result looks and feels like silk, but with a smaller environmental footprint and a far wider range of colors. Printing ties on demand helps us reduce waste, and it gives you complete control over your tie color.

How do I pick a color?

Purchase our ColorMatch Chart first to have our entire library of colors delivered to your door. Check out our helpful blog for tips on color matching. Then, once you have your colors selected, you can customize your own solid or patterned ties in any colorway you want.  Choose your tie color by clicking the “customize colors” button. That will open a new page, where you can preview your tie in different colors. You can search for the color name you need or explore the entire catalogue. If our massive palette is overwhelming, you can filter by color families (reds, yellows, etc.). We also give you the option to search for colors independently matched to popular wedding retailers like Azazie and David’s Bridal. You can even log in to save all of your customized designs to a Wishlist. This is handy if you are ordering groomsmen ties in a range of colors, need a second opinion, or plan on ordering suspenders or robes for your bridal party.

How do I know each tie will match my wedding colors?

It is impossible to precisely match colors on a computer or smartphone screen. That’s why we always recommend ordering our ColorMatch Chart. For just the cost of shipping, we will send you a fabric chart printed with our entire color palette. This way, you can compare colors in person, under the same lighting conditions. Many customers even end up carrying their ColorMatch chart with them to pick out wedding decor or other accessories! If your bridesmaid dresses come from Azazie and David’s Bridal, you can also select one of our convenient pre-matched colors. We are not affiliated with either of those companies and do not carry their merchandise, but we are able to closely match their most popular shades. 

What are the tie sizing options?

Once you’ve found the right color for your necktie, it’s time to choose the best fit. We know that one size doesn’t always fit all, so we offer all of our neckties in three widths and lengths for adults.

Necktie Widths
The best necktie width for you will depend on your frame and the suit you are wearing. As a general guideline, men with large and athletic builds tend to look better in wider ties, while men with slender builds and narrow shoulders usually look better in skinny ties. Unsure which width to buy? Choose a tie about the same width as your suit lapels.

Classic (3.5” wide)
Knotty (2.75” wide)
Skinny (2.25” wide) 

Necktie Lengths
The pointed tip of a necktie should land at your waistband or just above it. You should never have a large gap between your tie and your belt, or a necktie that falls below your belt buckle. We offer three sizes:

Standard (58" long)
Long (62" long)
Extra-Long (66" long) 

Kids Sizes
If your ring bearer is 10 or older, a youth self-tied necktie is a great option. For younger kids, we recommend our bow ties. 

Youth self-tied necktie (Ages 10 and older)
Kids pre-tied bow ties (Ages 2 and older)
Baby pre-tied bow ties (Ages 2 and younger)

See more info in our Sizing Guide.