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Unique designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and easy customization set our men's and women's bow ties apart. All pretied and self tie bowties are constructed with fabric made from recycled materials that has a subtle texture and feel of a semi-matte silk. We can also design fully custom bow ties.

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"Great product! I ordered a bow tie and a matching pocket square. It's amazing the amount of value provided! Custom colors and fast production/delivery. Thank you!"

"Love the designs and the high-quality fabric used. So many patterns to choose from for any occasion. Easy to order, great packaging, and quick delivery. I will definitely be ordering more. You can never have too many gorgeous bow ties with matching pocket squares! They set off the suits perfectly."

"I have at least 20 Knotty Tie bow ties and they are dope as all get out. I highly recommend these ties and encourage all tie-wearers to support this awesome company. Y'all rock."

“I bought a bowtie in gem color matching David's Bridal. Near identical match, great quality, and beautiful color. ”

“Knotty Tie was tremendous throughout the whole process. My ties actually got stolen off my door step 7 days before the wedding and they had them remade & at my door step within 3 days!! Couldn't thank your team enough for coming in clutch! The wedding photos were looking fire with the bow ties!! Highly recommend.. if you reach out ask for Daniela, she is a star!”

Adult Self-Tie

fits 14-18" necks

Adult Extra-Long Self-Tie

fits 18-21" necks

Adult Pre-Tied

fits 12-22" necks

Kids Pre-Tied

fits 9.5-12.5" necks

Baby Pre-Tied

fits 9.5-12.5" necks

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bow tie frequently asked questions

Choosing a bow tie should be fun! Look for unique bow ties that highlight your personality, or choose a specific color to match a shirt, suit, or dress. A very formal wedding may call for a solid color bow tie, but you can break out the cool bow ties for more casual events.

We offer a butterfly style bow tie, which is also known as a thistle shape. Butterfly style bow ties are  the most common shape of bow tie. While there are other bow tie styles such as the diamond point or the batwing, the classic butterfly style is easiest to wear and always appropriate. Our bow ties come in different sizes to ensure great fit for adults and kids alike. 

While bow ties were traditionally made from silk, today’s more informed consumers are increasingly choosing recycled material for ethical reasons. We use a recycled polyester twill with the soft sheen and feel of a semi-matte silk. Unlike silk, polyester can be dyed without harsh chemicals. Our vibrant colors come from sublimation printing, which lets us easily customize unique printed designs that no one else has!

There’s a certain pride in knowing how to tie a bow tie. It’s a mark of style and sophistication. If you’re nervous, remember that many stylish dressers aim for a deliberately imperfect knot. A slightly asymmetrical bow tie embodies the careless grace that Italians call sprezzatura

Our easy guide on how to tie a bow tie will have you knotting your own ties in no time. Once you’re happy with the knot, you can even unclip your self-tie bow tie so you don’t have to re-tie it every time you put it on. 

Of course, some people just don’t have the manual dexterity or desire to tie a bow tie. That’s why we offer pre-tied bow ties for adults and kids. Both the self-tie and pre-tied bow ties are adjustable to give you the perfect fit. In the end, it’s your choice whether to pick a self-tying or pre-tied bow tie. After all, any bow tie is cooler than no bow tie at all.

Unless you are attending a very formal white-tie or black-tie event, you will need to decide which color bow tie to wear. The color of your bow tie should harmonize with the rest of your outfit. 

For a bold look, pick a bow tie in a complimentary color to your suit or jacket. An orange bow tie pops against a Navy blue suit jacket, for example, and a green bow tie stands out against a pink shirt. 

For a more subtle layered look, opt for monochromatic colors. Mixing up the patterns can add texture and interest to monochromic looks. For instance, our geometric bow ties collection has everything from fun, modern designs to classic patterns like herringbone. You can also achieve a cool ombre effect by spanning lighter to darker variations on the same color.

Bow ties are fun, so don’t be afraid to make a splash with bold colors and unique patterns! Designs that might feel too loud on a necktie often work well on the smaller footprint of a bow tie. One easy guideline is to pair a bold bow tie with a more sedate shirt, or vice versa.

For formal occasions like prom or a wedding, your bow tie should coordinate with your date’s ensemble. Even then, you have some freedom to choose your colors. 

A solid color bow tie that closely matches the dress is always an option, but you can also use the dress color as an accent in a patterned bow tie. Bow tie designs range from formal stripes and polka dots to fun and unique novelty prints. In the right colors, a bold floral bow tie, a plaid bow tie, or even a space corgis bow tie could all match the same dress. 

For anything short of the most formal black-tie events, you usually have some room to express some of your personality through your bow tie.

Size shouldn’t be a barrier to stylish neckwear, so we offer bow ties in long and extra-long adult sizes. Our standard self-tie bow ties fit the average men’s and women’s neck circumference. However, larger or taller folks should consider ordering the extra-long style of our self-tie bow ties. Our adjustable pre-tied adult bow ties are one size fits most. All of our bow ties are adjustable to give you the best fit. 

The easiest way to make sure you’re ordering the correct size bow tie is to measure your neck. All it takes is a soft measuring tape and a mirror.  

Standing in front of a mirror, use one hand to hold the end of the measuring tape against the base of your throat. With the other hand, bring the measuring tape around your neck from behind, until it overlaps the end of the tape. Hold the measuring tape in place at the point where it overlaps. Make sure it’s not too tight! You should be able to slide a finger between the measuring tape and your skin.  Look in the mirror to see the measurement. Round up to the closest inch to be safe. 

We offer bow ties in the following sizes: 

Adult Sizing

  • Standard Self-Tie: Fits 14” to 18” neck sizes
  • Extra-Long Self-Tie: Fits 18” to 21” neck sizes
  • Pre-Tied: Fits 12” to 22” neck sizes

Kids Sizing

  • Kids Pre-Tied: Fits 9.5” to 12.5” neck sizes (recommended for age 2+)
  • Baby Pre-Tied: Fits 9.5”-12.5" neck sizes (recommended under the age of 2)

You’re never too young to wear a bow tie! We offer pre-tied children’s bow ties with a velcro closure for safety, so even the youngest babies can wear them. Our baby size is the best option for children under the age of 2. Kids over the age of 2 should wear our pre-tied kids' size. Children over the age of 10 should wear our adult pre-tied size. It is highly adjustable, and can fit necks as small as 12”. 

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