Cloth Face Masks: New Guidance From The WHO

Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

The World Health Organization recently published updated cloth face mask recommendations after months of further testing since the start of COVID-19. This update offers new guidelines for using cloth face masks as well as the ideal materials to stop the spread. Here's what you need to know.

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What Are The Best Masks For Coronavirus?

Best Face Masks for Coronavirus

With so many options available, how do you know which are the best face masks for coronavirus? We’ve created a roundup of the top COVID-19 masks and filters for the public based on your lifestyle and activities. Continue reading to understand which are the best face mask choices for the public.

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Masks & Coronavirus Protection: What To Know

Coronavirus Mask Protection

Anyone looking for a face mask has hundreds of options, from homemade masks to our three lines of high-quality face masks made in the USA. But will a mask protect you from coronavirus? We researched this while developing our own masks, and we want everyone to be able to benefit from our work. 

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Why Most People Don't Need A Surgical Face Mask

Why Most People Don't Need A Surgical Face Mask

Since a cloth mask isn’t 100% effective, you may be tempted to wear a surgical face mask instead. While it may be possible to snag a box of disposable surgical masks for your trip to the grocery store, it’s still not a great idea. Read on to learn about the drawbacks of them -- and what we recommend as an alternative.

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How To Clean Your Cloth Face Mask

How To Clean Your Face Mask

Cleaning a face mask isn’t hard, but there are a few guidelines you need to remember. While reusable fabric face masks are a vital tool in fighting COVID-19, they must be properly handled to prevent them from spreading germs. Learning how to clean a cloth face mask can help to keep yourself and others safe.

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25,000 Face Masks For Colorado Hospitals

Thanks to the rapid innovation of our staff and a company-saving partnership with the AJL Foundation, we were able to immediately retool our production facility in Denver and start preparing production for much needed masks for healthcare workers and the public. Here's how it all came together.

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The 411 On Face Masks

The 411 on Face Masks

Although prevalent in many cultures, the concept of wearing face masks in public is entirely new to the USA. There are a host of studies and theories that dive into the benefits, but in uncertain times like these with so much information being passed around, the question for many still remains - should I wear one?

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Two Easy Ways to Create Perfect Custom Ties

As a design company first and foremost, we’ve created easy solutions that take the uncertainty out of the custom design process. Either design on your own with our intuitive self-customization tool or work with our expert graphic designers for a one of a kind custom tie. Here's how.

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Skip The Weave With Our Textured Collection

When it comes to pulling together a stylish menswear look, texture is as important as pattern. A textured tie or look adds a higher level of visual interest to any ensemble. That’s why our popular Textured Collection gives you 30 great versatile menswear patterns to choose from whether it's a tie or pocket square.

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How Recycled Bottles Bring Our Custom Ties to Life

What’s the best material for custom neckties? You might be surprised to learn the answer is polyester. For the first time in centuries, silk is being dethroned as the de facto material for neckties. Polyester made from recycled water bottles is eco-friendly & stylish, making it the responsible choice for custom ties. 

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Have A Stand Out Wedding With Ties

Custom Wedding Bow Ties

As brides and grooms continue to search year after year for new and memorable ways to personalize their nuptials, we have taken note and are now making it easier than ever to do just that with wedding ties and bow ties. Match your color and find a unique pattern, all while being environmentally conscious.

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Create Custom Ties In Real Time!

We’ve elevated the Knotty Tie design experience and are thrilled to announce a huge step toward the main goal for our customers since day one - letting you create the exact custom ties you want. Now you can design your own neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares in the perfect colors live!

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Face Masks 

Adult Standard Adult Small
5" x 8"
Fits most male adults.
4.5" x 7"
Fits most women and young adults.



Skinny Knotty Classic
2.25" wide 2.75" wide 3.5" wide


Standard Long Extra-Long
58" long 62" long 66" long


Youth Self-Tied
52" long
Ages 10+


Bow Ties 

Adult Kids Pre-Tied Baby Pre-Tied
Self-tied style
Adjustable for necks 14-18"
Ages 2 and over
Adjustable velcro closure
Ages 2 and under
Adjustable velcro closure