Find 20+ Styles in the Floral Tie Collection

June 11, 2018

Spring is in full swing (with Summer around to the corner) and to celebrate we've released a new collection of men's floral ties, bow ties, and pocket squares featuring more than 20 designs! Each style is available in our best-selling Knotty (2.75") width, and as a skinny or classic width tie. That's right - get the modern floral skinny tie you're looking for by choosing that width before adding it to your cart. 

Our team of graphic designers combined beautiful hand-drawn and reimagined floral patterns with classic color palettes to create the perfect look for Spring and Summer. In true Knotty fashion, you'll also find a number of bold designs to add some extra style to your warm-weather wardrobe. These new designs are each available in four colorways.

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Modern Florals

We've reimagined this classic style by creating both complex and simple patterns with non-traditional elements and colors colors. These are perfect to add some flair to your wedding attire for Summer. Choose from a number of unique color palettes including burgundy, pink, and several shades of blue.



Traditional Florals

Vintage floral wallpaper and French still life paintings collide to create these lively tie patterns. Wear them with a neutral shirt for a pop of color. These are timeless designs that will add a touch of class to your outfit no matter what.



Realistic Florals

These soft, fashionable designs are reminiscent of real flowers and petals. We paid extra attention to detail with the shading and color to create several styles that look similar to classical still life paintings. They're all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of Spring and Summer.


Flowing Florals

Get into the flow of Spring with several styles that have elements floating in the wind. Show off your fashionable side with these flowing styles that are the equivalent of a cool June breeze. Choose a floral bow tie with one of these designs all you'll have the perfect accessory to any formal Summer wardrobe.


Intricate Florals

Perfect for spring weekends in the park, or even summer weddings, these petite yet masculine designs are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Match them with a navy suit to complete this fun, yet professional look. Featuring ties meant to keep things simple while the bold colors and intricate patterns bring your whole outfit together.



Polish Inspired Florals

We merged traditional design elements of Polish design with a modern take on the style found in revitalized Polish neighborhoods like Greenpoint, Brooklyn. These inspired design burst into bloom just in time for Summer! Choose bold colors or simple palettes - whichever fits your mood.


Simple Florals

These delicate designs are the simple florals look you've been searching for. We chose to compliment the other bold styles in this collection with easy to wear designs that are great with any look. These feature a classic hand-drawn freeform floral pattern, reminiscent of the designs found on wedding china, or wildflowers dotting an open field.


Not sure which to pick? We also offer Knotty Tie Gift Cards which can be used towards all our retail ties and custom designs.


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Skinny Knotty Classic
2.25" wide 2.75" wide 3.5" wide


Standard Long Extra-Long
58" long 62" long 66" long


Youth Self-Tied
52" long
Ages 10+


Bow Ties 

Adult Kids Pre-Tied Baby Pre-Tied
Self-tied style
Adjustable for necks 14-18"
Ages 2 and over
Adjustable velcro closure
Ages 2 and under
Adjustable velcro closure