Custom Wedding Masks: For More Than The Ceremony

by Anna Johnson July 28, 2020

Custom Wedding Face Masks

Safety is a top consideration for couples tying the knot in the midst of a pandemic, and wedding masks can play a key role in keeping you and your loved ones safe. If delaying your wedding isn’t an option, our advice is simple: embrace the mask.

Remember, the face masks are there to keep your wedding safe. Instead of resenting your face masks, why not try to see them as another opportunity to let your style and personality shine during your wedding?

Designing a wedding mask is the best way to do that, and with our new custom wedding mask collection it's easier than ever. Choose from popular patterns, design your own in your choice of colors, or pick from our trending solid shades.

With countless weddings upended in 2020, we’re seeing plenty of couples create custom wedding face masks for unique reasons. Here’s how they’re using them and keeping the celebration special.

Are couples getting married wearing wedding masks?

Yes, some definitely are!

Custom Wedding Face Masks

If you planned on walking down the aisle in 2020, you’ve been thrown quite a curveball. Like brides and grooms all across the world, you are faced with tough decisions to postpone, cancel, take additional precautions, or just get super creative with your wedding plans.

Remember, your risk is greatly reduced if you wear a mask. When it comes to a wedding, you’ll want to be sure your loved ones are taking these precautions as well. While many couples are choosing to delay their weddings and avoid the issue, for others, the show must go on — usually in a modified way.

How are face masks playing a role in (modified) weddings?

The point of a wedding is to bring people together, so what do you do when we are being told to stay apart?

Still wanting their once-in-a-lifetime wedding during a once-in-a-century pandemic, some couples are moving forward with the ceremony and opting for highly personalized or matching wedding face masks.

One couple requested custom face masks with the words “I do” written on the side to wear during their ceremony. The bride’s ivory and white mask featured a lace-inspired design and the groom’s burgundy mask complimented his suit.

Custom Wedding Masks

Other couples are opting for high-end lace masks that match their wedding dresses.

Are you reducing your guest list? Creating a virtual wedding experience? Outfitting your nearest and dearest with face masks and hand sanitizer? We are seeing many engaged couples still walk down the aisle a little differently with ideas like:

  • A simple courthouse wedding for two with a photographer there to capture the moment. Custom wedding masks were an easy personalized addition for the couple and their photographer.
  • An intimate outdoor garden wedding for 10. Color matched wedding masks are designed and given to the few guests in attendance.
  • A sweet at-home ceremony with family only that is broadcast online for friends and extended family to watch from all over the world. Instead of traditional wedding gifts, custom face masks were made in a totally unique pattern personalized for the family.
  • Socially distanced soirées with friends and family separately to celebrate getting eloped.

Custom Wedding Masks & Ties

This last idea was the brainchild of a wonderful recent customer, Kristy R. who graciously shared her thoughts behind the concept.

"We decided to elope during COVID-19 all alone on a mountain top, but still wanted to safely share our joy with our families spread out across the country. We decided to embark on series of socially distanced soirées via road trip and bring along some pandemic wedding favors to help protect our loved ones.

The “K squared” mask design is the brainchild of my engineer brother Dan Rowe who addresses us (Kevin and Kristy) as K ². We decided to run with it and make masks as well as a matching bow tie from Knotty Tie.

Our “guests” loved the masks. They’re incredibly soft, double layered cotton, and can be worn around your neck to easily remove for a sip of champagne or bite of delicious wedding cake."

Whether you're embarking on a road trip like this, or thinking of something simpler, many couples are opting for pared-down, private ceremonies now, and planning larger receptions once the threat of pandemic ends. However you decide to celebrate, you can still make your big day special for you and your loved ones.

How can custom wedding masks brighten the mood?

Deciding whether or not to move ahead with your wedding during a pandemic is never easy. For some couples, postponing is not an option due to family circumstances or logistics. While nobody planned to incorporate face masks into their weddings before this year, we’ve seen couples turning personalized wedding masks into a feature of their big day, not a bug.

Planning a smaller wedding with a more intimate guest list gives you the opportunity to really personalize the experience for you and your guests. We’ve helped couples create personalized face masks to compliment their modified wedding ceremonies. Custom wedding masks don’t just keep your ceremony safer, they can also become meaningful keepsakes for you and your loved ones. And unlike most wedding favors, face masks are likely to be used and appreciated in the months to come!

Custom Wedding Face Masks

Personalization elevates your wedding masks above the face mask you throw on before running to the grocery store. A pair of initials or the wedding date could be subtly worked into a mask design, or emblazoned for the world to see. Face masks could display a meaningful note or message. Masks also add another way to play with color and design. You can match your face mask to your colors, reflect your wedding theme in the design, or incorporate a logo from your invitation. In short, your wedding face mask can be as unique as your ceremony.

Meaningful design can turn wedding masks from minor inconveniences to family heirlooms that reflect love in a time of COVID-19. Just like our custom wedding ties, wedding face masks can tell the story of you.

Where did you meet the love of your life? Which sweet or silly traditions do you share? What hobbies and interests do you have in common? Your wedding mask can reflect those unique details. Maybe your wedding masks will feature the dog breeds you were both walking on that fateful day you met at the park. Maybe they can highlight your shared love of sushi, or your massive board game collection. The little things that make you and your relationship special can also create a memorable wedding mask.

Custom Wedding Face Masks

What other ways are couples using wedding masks?

Even in times like these, many steps lead up to the big day. Especially in an age when we need to connect with social media more than ever before, many couples are choosing special custom face masks to commemorate every step closer to their wedding. Whether your ceremony is moving ahead responsibly as planned or happening in a more creative way, you’ll find plenty of chances for photo opps before and after the ceremony. You’ll have to mask up for most of these moments anyway, so why not lean into it and make the masks part of the memory?

Shopping For Your Dress

You’ve looked forward to finding the dress of your dreams and now you are being asked to wear a face mask. Let us design you a beautiful mask that makes you smile when you look in the mirror! The same applies to your alterations appointments for the bride's dress and the groom's suit or tux.

Bridal Party Travel

Your bridal party will, for the time being, probably need to wear face masks in their daily lives but definitely when traveling to your wedding events as well! Gift them a mask that they will love. Customize their masks with your signature wedding print or a design that just reminds you of them. You can even have each party member’s initials imprinted on one side!

Pre-Wedding Appointments

Many bridal salons, hair salons, and other spas or retail businesses are requiring that their customers wear masks to all appointments or inside their establishment. You will probably need to mask up while getting your hair colored or cut in preparation for your big day, arriving for trial hair appointments, and for getting your hair styled on the day of the wedding. This is a fun opportunity for a mask with your wedding date or a cheeky message. Just remember that masks with elastic that loops over the ears are most practical for hair appointments! We offer both around-the-head and over-the-ear (upon request) elastic options for your convenience.

Custom Wedding Face Masks

Going To The Courthouse

Getting your marriage license is a must before the big day! Some counties are doing this virtually now, but some places may still allow in-person visits with face masks. This is a great opportunity for wedding photos with coordinating face masks and custom ties.

Gifts & Favors

Elderly and higher-risk family or friends will most likely need to wear a face mask while traveling to your wedding. We offer face masks which feature moisture barriers or pockets for PM 2.5 filters which can help loved ones who are taking additional precautions. A custom face mask is a thoughtful gift to thank your loved ones for attending your big day in person.


Some couples look forward to their honeymoon more than their actual wedding. If your travel plans are still intact, there may be face mask requirements at the airport, on the airplane, or even in public places when you reach your destination. You can tell the world you are “just married” with a custom wedding mask message. A face mask with a tropical leaf design can also help to keep you in vacation mode despite having to sport protective gear during your excursions.


Custom Wedding Mask Design

Ready to design your wedding masks?

A wedding face mask probably wasn’t on your mind when you were planning out your dream ceremony, but neither was a global pandemic. Face masks play a key role in keeping your wedding safe. By designing custom face masks for your wedding, you can integrate your colors and theme, include special details, and tell the story of who you are as a couple. Customized wedding masks also make practical and thoughtful keepsakes for your guests.

If you like the idea of designing a face mask, there’s no reason to limit yourself to the day of the wedding. Personalized wedding masks are appropriate for events leading up to the ceremony, from getting a marriage license to getting your nails done! They can also add a fun touch to your honeymoon travel, while helping you comply with local requirements.



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