Our Social Mission

Creating dignified employment opportunities for skilled resettled refugees.


“I dream for my children to have higher education and find employment that they care about. I dream this for myself also, and want to show them it is possible. It’s hard work,” says Daralneima, a Sudanese refugee and graduate of the We Made This sewing program.


We've partnered with the refugee and asylee resettlement agencies operating in Denver to aid in improving employment opportunities for resettling refugees based upon skills they already possess or want to learn. African Community Center’s We Made This program teaches recently resettled refugee women how to sew, and provides assessment and certification for those with pre-existing skills.


The mission of the We Made This program is to unlock the courage and creativity of refugee women through a multicultural sewing community by activating leadership and building sustainable partnerships. Many of the resettled refugees that work at Knotty Tie Co. have graduated from We Made This.