Two Easy Ways to Create Perfect Custom Ties

by Kevin Gaertner March 10, 2020

Custom Tie Designs

Sometimes buying a tie off the shelf just doesn’t work. Maybe you’re struggling to find a necktie that matches your wedding colors. Maybe you need custom ties or scarves branded with your company logo. Maybe you want personalized ties with a monogram, name, or two sets of initials. Or perhaps you just want to turn your child’s artwork into a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift. Whatever it may be -- we have you covered.

It might seem intimidating, but creating a custom tie has never been easier. As a design company first and foremost, we’ve created solutions that take the uncertainty out of the custom design process. And unlike other tie companies, we create your neckties responsibly in the USA, using eco-friendly processes and ethical labor practices.

Our goal at Knotty Tie has always been to create the highest quality ties possible with the most customization options. We achieve the first part by making our custom neckties in Denver, Colorado from high quality fabrics made from recycled water bottles. Plus, our mission to provide dignified employment to skilled resettled refugees enables all ties to be made with an exceptional level of quality.

As far as customization goes, we offer an intuitive self-customization tool that allows you to change the colors in hundreds of our patterns by yourself — and also an option to work with our expert graphic designers who will create a range of options based on your request that you can then refine.

We strive to flip the misconceptions of a “custom design” process on its head by providing accessible customer service and intuitive options to create your own custom ties based on your needs.

Design a custom tie (in real-time) on your own.

You can design a tie on your own if you like one of our existing patterns, but need different color options. We make it easy to play with colors using the self-customization tool on our website. This gives you the freedom to find a pattern you truly love, without feeling constrained by our standard color options.

If you’re trying to match a specific garment, whether it’s a bridesmaid dress or one of the stylish colored suits trending this year, our vast color library is sure to include the shade you need. We even match colors from popular bridal companies! If you have a capsule wardrobe or wear a limited range of colors, you can design a set of versatile ties that match everything in your closet. Why limit yourself to one tie for your favorite office shirt?

If you’re designing a meaningful gift, you can choose a pattern that reflects your boyfriend’s hobby — be it hiking, rock climbing, or beer — and customize it in his favorite colors. If you want to represent your company, your school, or even your favorite sports team, we’ve got you covered since you get to choose the palette.

Whatever your color needs, have some fun by customizing ties on your own with our self-customization tool. After choosing a design from one of the hundreds of patterns in our collections (found under the “shop” tab) that are available for customization, simply click the button that says, “customize these colors.” That will open our self-customization tool.

To start customizing, you will be prompted to select however many colors your design requires. The more intricate your design, the more colors you will need. If scrolling through hundreds of color options gets overwhelming, you can narrow your choices by filtering the range of colors. You can filter by color family (reds or yellows, for example) or by colors you’ve previously selected. If you’re shopping for a wedding, you can even filter by Azazie or David’s Bridal colors!

Once you’ve chosen the colors for your design, click “continue” to see a live preview of it in your new color scheme. See your creation in real time as you drag and drop the colors, creating different combinations. The shuffle button lets you randomize your chosen colors.

Once you’re happy you can save the tie and select the length you prefer - including our 52" self tie youth option. At this point you can also choose from three width options for each necktie, so the design is not the only customizable aspect of the tie that matches your look.

By default they will be added to your wishlist, which is helpful for organizing all your options before checkout. The standard production time for all items that you customize yourself is just 15 calendar days, but we do have a few faster options with a guaranteed delivery date should you need your order sooner.

Custom Book Bow Tie

Let our graphic design team create it for you.

If none of our existing designs fit your needs, or you want to incorporate a logo or original artwork into the design, our expert design team is here to work with you to create the perfect tie. We'll be your art department and take your image file and transform it into incredible branded patterns, custom artwork, and anything in between. With thousands of projects under our belt, we can quickly turn an idea into incredibly inspired designs that also keep with brand standards.

Better yet, our design team is easily accessible over phone, email, or chat, and go above and beyond to ensure the design process from design to production goes smoothly.

Our simple multi-step onboarding form walks you through the process of sharing your vision. To start, select the colors for your custom tie. You can choose Pantone colors or several from our color chart of over 500 options. Once you have chosen the color scheme, select which of our five products you want to create: ties, bow ties, pocket squares, infinity scarves, or chiffon scarves. You then have the option to describe your design, or to choose one of our existing stock designs to modify.

Our 60 (and growing) available stock options are great for sparking inspiration. You can scroll through dozens of options for argyles, stripes, plaids, polka dots, and more, all with suggested logo placements. These stock designs can combine with your logo or existing artwork to create polished custom pieces. Using stock designs makes it easy to imagine an argyle pattern that incorporates your logo into some of the diamonds, for instance, or a repeating pattern made from a small doodle.

If none of the stock designs fit your vision, you can also create your own designs. This is the best option if you want to base your custom tie or scarf off a larger piece of original artwork, like a painting. Simply upload your artwork file, and use the form to describe your vision for the finished product.

Either way, our designers will take your submission, create several unique designs based on your selections, and send you proofs for review. These proofs make it easy to see what the finished product will look like. From there, you can easily request design revisions. Once you’re happy with the design, you can choose the size and quantity you need, then place your final order.

While our standard turnaround is 30 days for all designer-created custom ties and scarves, we can have your order made and delivered in as few as seven!

Easily double check your colors.

Whether you choose to design a tie on your own or to work with a designer, our ColorMatch Chart and color guarantee ensures your tie arrives in the exact shade you need. Fabric colors don’t always look the same on a screen as they do in real life. That’s why our print and design teams work hard to make sure we are matching your colors exactly.

We’ll mail you the Knotty Tie ColorMatch Chart (only $5 for shipping) so you can verify and preview colors in person before you order your products. This gives you the freedom to match our color swatches to other garments, and even to see how they will look in different lighting conditions. Choosing the exact color of your tie or pocket square in person takes all of the guesswork out of color matching.

We also have the option of matching Pantone shades if you know the color you need. This is a great option if you’re matching a logo or digital artwork. With a Pantone code, you don’t need to see our Color Match Chart. Our printing system can precisely match just about any Pantone shade.

We print our own textiles in-house using dye sublimation, a high quality textile printing method that uses heat to embed colors directly into our recycled polyester fabric. Dye sublimation is not only better for the environment than traditional tie manufacturing methods, but it also gives us far greater control over the color matching process than most tie manufacturers have.

Conventional tie companies rely on processes like fabric dying, weaving, screen printing, or embroidering, which are all limited in terms of color and design options. Dye sublimation printing, on the other hand, allows us to produce a huge range of possibilities. That gives you the ability to design your custom tie without worrying about traditional limitations in the size, color, or position of your design.

Color Match Chart

The perfect custom tie, without the hassle.

Our goal is to make it fun and easy to design the custom tie of your dreams - at a high quality with no minimum order requirements. You can customize the colors of an existing design using our self-customization tool, or work with a designer to create a totally custom design incorporating your image, artwork, or branding. Whichever option you choose, our ColorMatch Chart and Pantone matching options take the worry out of matching the correct shade.

Whether you’re looking for bow ties emblazoned with your corporate logo, groomsmen neckties in your wedding colors, or an infinity scarf printed with your latest watercolor masterpiece, we take the uncertainty out of the custom design process. Get started designing on your own or request a designer-created custom tie today to see how simple it really is.

Kevin Gaertner
Kevin Gaertner


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