The Knotty Tie Wedding Design Gallery

April 26, 2018

Get inspired to create the perfect look for your wedding.

Our Wedding Design Gallery helps illustrate just how our custom designs come to life on our high-quality printed wedding ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. We've combined real wedding photography of our grooms and groomsmen with their color palette and chosen patterns to show just how great they look in person. Whether you are in search of some general design inspo, more pictures showing how our patterns look as finished products, or just need color matching suggestions, this gallery has it all.

It's also great to show how easy it is to create a one-of-a-kind and cohesive set of ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Many of our wedding clients come to us looking for just one tie, but after working with our team of expert graphic designers, they end up choosing a full set, matching pocket squares, and even custom tags. We make it easy to create highly personalized and matching looks that are perfect accessories for all the groomsmen.

Get started on a wedding design now while using the Wedding Design Gallery for inspiration on creating a one-of-a-kind and cohesive set of ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. There's no commitment and you're never locked into any designs or colors until you're ready to order!

These looks have been recently featured in:

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Let's dive further into three features from our Wedding Design Gallery to highlight the range of looks and options available.


Boho & Floral

Add a touch of whimsy to your groomsmen's attire by mixing and matching floral patterns! Keep the look cohesive by using the same colors across each pattern, just alternate the background color to give each guy a unique look. The result is a stunning set of classical looking neckties that are each unique, but compliment each other as a whole perfectly.

Worn with dark blue suits, these colors were chosen to stand out and match the floral arrangements at the ceremony and reception. An addition of solid color pocket squares matched to an accent color for everyone is our most popular way to complete the look.

Photography credit: KT Langley Photography

Traditional & Classic

By using classic menswear patterns like dots and stripes, you can create a more traditional look for your bridal party. Have the groomsmen all wearing the same pattern, but give the groom a softer color. We call this the "tell tale tie" so there's no mistaking the groom. By combining the dark colors of the groomsmen ties and the light of the groom's tie, we were able to create a wonderful plaid pattern for the father of the bride. It's also the perfect way to honor him with a gift that he will wear well past the wedding day!

Even with simple patterns and colors, this bridal party has a cohesive look that matches their timeless three-piece suits. Checkered pocket squares that add a touch of fun are the finishing touches that work best for this traditional style.

Photography credit: Lionel & Kristiaan Madious

Rustic & Fun

In this rustic vineyard wedding, we highlighted the theme and added some personality by mixing and matching patterns all while using the same three colors. These colors were chosen using our Knotty Tie ColorMatch chart and specifically matched to the orange suspenders they planned on wearing.

Groomsmen each have their own personality, so why not have it on display with their tie patterns? As we tell all our clients, don't be afraid to have some fun with your patterns, a simple color palette will keep everyone looking sharp! A wide array of patterns were chosen for everyone in the bridal party to create a fun look that matched the energy of the wedding. As a final way to set things apart, the groom opted for a "tell tale tie" by choosing a sharp and bold colored bow tie instead of a necktie.

Photography credit: Mallory McClure Photography

See how we can create highly personalized and matching looks that are perfect accessories and gifts for just the groom, or all the groomsmen. To see how easy our design process is, or to create a custom design, visit our wedding design page.

Are you in Denver? Stop in to match colors or complete your custom wedding design in-person.

Our tie and bow tie store in Denver, Colorado not only serves as our retail space, but also the new home for our design team. If you're in the area, just stop in with your swatch, dress, or anything else you'd like to have color matched and we can do it for you in person.

You can find us at 989 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, Colorado. Get directions here.

Better yet, we can now work with our wedding and organization customers in a highly personalized way through our live-design process. Sit down with one of our talented graphic designers and design your own tie, bow tie, or scarf, in the exact colors you have in mind.

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