Practical Meets Personal: Groomsmen Gifts Done Right

April 19, 2018

Weddings Trend More Towards Personalization

It’s no myth that more and more couples are looking to put their personal stamp on their big day - and the facts back it up. Surveys by The Knot in both 2016 and 2017, the largest of their kind, show that couples are increasing spending each year to customize the look and feel of their wedding.

In fact, these same surveys also show trends towards fewer guests being invited to the wedding, with a larger individual focus on the bridal party, groomsmen, and close family. Brides and grooms are willing to spend more and get creative on personalized experiences and gifts when they’re more selective about their guests.

When it comes to gift giving, a more mindful and customized approach has traditionally been challenging when it comes to managing the overall budget for your big day. The top three most important considerations when planning a wedding include the cost, the overall look and vibe, and personalizing their wedding day to reflect their unique love story. If you can relate to this (which I’m sure many of you can) Knotty Tie has the perfect solution for you!

We view “custom” much differently than other vendors and strive to make one-of-a-kind apparel for weddings accessible to all brides and grooms. With our innovative design and manufacturing processes, it’s easy to get high-quality personalized wedding gifts that won’t break your budget.

Our custom wedding ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and even scarves will help complete your unique look and feel of the day - while becoming a lasting wardrobe accessory that each of your guests of honor will enjoy for years to come!

The Groom

Each couple’s love story is unique. It’s the more intimate part of what a wedding is really celebrating. A great way to honor that one-of-a-kind love story is with a custom designed tie that highlights those key moments in your relationship. It may be the story behind how or where you first met, the (sometimes embarrassing!) first date, or the moment you realized you met "the one". Not to mention the engagement itself!

On your wedding day the bride has her something borrowed and something blue, so let’s give the groom something special of his own! Custom neckties or bow ties for the groom give him something personal and meaningful to wear proudly as he marries the love of his life in front of his nearest and dearest.

After working with thousands of weddings and well-dressed grooms, here’s one of our easiest designer tips to help the groom stand. Be sure that the groom’s attire includes the inverse color accessories from all his groomsmen. Go with an ivory or champagne colored version of the groomsmen tie pattern to compliment his brides gown, while also standing apart from the dusty sage color of the groomsmen’s ties. You could also give the groom a bow tie and the groomsmen all neckties (or the reverse) to create the classic “tell-tale-tie”!

Outfit the groomsmen in a simple textured or geometric menswear pattern and give the groom something fun like a floral or lace pattern that will stand out. Does the groom have a passion for golf or other sports and activities? Create a design that incorporates all of his favorite things like football, fishing, and even grilling, but when scaled down and colored to match the wedding theme, the design looks subtle from afar for pictures and the ceremony.

The perfect example of how one Knotty Tie couple highlighted their unique love story into a special tie pattern their groom would wear down the aisle is Jonah and Sarah and the tale of the Golden Pinecone.

Even a simple message added to the tag of a tie can say everything. A brief love note or inside joke will make the groom or groomsmen smile in remembrance every time they wear their one-of-a-kind tie. Make note of your wedding date, include your wedding hashtag, or even say “Thanks for being a part of our day!”.

Be sure to read more about the options when personalizing your groom and groomsmen ties with custom tag messages.

Speaking of making the groomsmen feel special… some of our most memorable custom tie packages are when all the groomsmen not only get a tie that features a special custom tag message, but also include designs that showcases each their personalities.

The Groomsmen & Bridal Party 

Every friend or family member invited to be a part of a couple’s bridal party has a unique history with the bride or groom and a personality that surely sets them apart. We work with thousands of clients each year who use the expertise of our in-house graphic design team to create custom patterns that highlight what makes these special guests so dear.

A hops pattern for the craft beer enthusiast, a computer icon pattern for the tech nerd, a corgi pattern for the dog lover. All of these designs can be colored to match your exact wedding color palette, and serve as the perfect wedding accessories and groomsmen gifts on the big day.

Some more style advice for the traditional crowd would be to get creative with other custom options like adding contrasting tails for your ties. Keep the front facing part of the tie more formal and uniform for the ceremony but make the tails (the part that tucks into the loop on the back side of the tie) include a fun custom design that is meaningful to and different for each groomsman.

We even offer multiple sizing options to ensure each groomsman looks their best. A wider tie (we call this “classic width”) for dad, a skinny tie for the fashion forward groom, and our most popular “Knotty width” for the rest of the crew! If you have any tall men in your group we’ve got them covered with long and extra long lengths as well. All of our wedding customers can mix and match sizing so you never need to order more than one of any length or width tie. We also have bow ties with extra large neckbands for bridal parties who choose that look.

Looking for inspiration on creating fun custom groomsmen gifts and tie sets? Our Wedding Design Gallery will get you started with finding design cues from some of the best looks from past Knotty Tie weddings! 

Expert Color Matching For Everyone

Traditionally our brides and grooms look to match the primary or accent color of their groomsmen ties to the color of their bridesmaids dresses exactly. We make that simple with our helpful printed ColorMatch chart! To ensure that the color you want is the color you get, simply check out a completely refundable chart. You'll receive our 560 standard colors printed onto the same recycled polyester twill used for our ties, bow ties, and pocket squares so you can pick and choose all your colors in-person and select the one that matches your dresses exactly.

This way you can take the chart on appointments, bring it into different lighting situations to recreate the change in lighting on your wedding day, and match to any swatches or other garments you may have. Your own printed ColorMatch chart will look just like below, and you can always read more details in our in-depth color matching article.

Other Guests of Honor 

Don't forget those other special guests, even the little ones! We offer children’s sizing in ties and bow ties for the ring bearer or junior groomsmen. Velcro closures on our pre-tied children's styles make for simple removal, less hassle, and a comfortable fit! 

These bow ties also make perfect ties for dogs, who seem to be an essential part of our couple’s weddings these days.

We can also make self-tie neckties for children 9 and over. All children's ties are made to your child’s custom length. The best way to measure would be from the top button of a button-down shirt to their belt buckle. We'll take care of the rest.

We all know that gifting doesn’t stop with the groomsmen gifts and favors for the whole bridal party. Each Mother and Father of the Bride and Groom should be recognized and honored for their roles in the wedding day too. 

For the Mothers, we offer three styles of scarves that can be customized the same as all our other products. Give mom the same design scarf used for your bridal party, or create something totally unique to her style.

I often like to recommend our rectangle scarf serve as a shawl and help add some desired arm coverage with her dress on the day of, or wear as a lightweight scarf even beyond the wedding day! We can easily match to her attire specifically with our printed ColorMatch chart, or pull in an accent color from your palette to coordinate with the bridal party.

Whether you're gifting to Fathers and Mothers, the entire bridal party, or the bride and groom themselves, we box each item individually with care to make gifting these unique wedding accessories simple! Start working one-on-one with a designer today (there’s no commitment to get your custom designs underway) to see how we can turn your special life moments and favorite things into designs that carry their special meaning to you and your loved ones for years to come!

Are you in Denver? Stop in to match colors or complete your custom wedding design in-person.

Our tie and bow tie store in Denver, Colorado not only serves as our retail space, but also the new home for our design team. If you're in the area, just stop in with your swatch, dress, or anything else you'd like to have color matched and we can do it for you in person.

You can find us at 989 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, Colorado. Get directions here.

Better yet, we can now work with our wedding and organization customers in a highly personalized way through our live-design process. Sit down with one of our talented graphic designers and design your own tie, bow tie, scarf, in the exact colors you have in mind.

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