Brand New: Create Custom Ties In Real Time!

September 06, 2018

Custom Ties

We’re elevating the Knotty Tie custom design experience and are thrilled to announce a huge step toward the main goal for our customers since day one - letting you design exactly what you want.

You’ve always been able to select from hundreds of patterns, build your own color palette, and create a complete sets of products that perfectly match your look by working one-on-one with a designer. But with our new real time customization feature, you’re the designer!

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Seeking solutions to bigger problems.

This new technology is the culmination of a vision we’ve been pursuing for the last 5 years since Knotty Tie Co. was started. We've never been focused on just selling ties, we're seeking solutions to problems - problems that matter, like:

How can we make seemingly meaningless products meaningful by empowering ordinary consumers to participate in the design of the goods they consume? How do we produce and consume less as a society by utilizing on-demand production and only making exactly what people want, when they want it?

How can we produce apparel products locally and ethically to create economic opportunity and self-sufficiency for disadvantaged populations in our community? How can we pioneer the acceptance and use of recycled plastics in clothing to aid in solving critical environmental issues? 

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Over the past 5 years, we've made enormous progress on answering these questions and achieving solutions. We employed our first refugee staff nearly 4 years ago, and have since paid nearly $500k in wages to our refugee staff as a whole. They've discovered supportive, stable and dignified employment, bought homes, invested in their family's future and many are now pursuing college educations.

Two years ago, we found a way to custom mill fabric from recycled plastic bottles and haven't looked back. And now, we’ve launched configurable patterns and colors with on-demand production to let people design their own goods.

Bring your ideas to life in real-time.

When browsing neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares just look for products with the green "+" icon. Once you're viewing that product, select the green "Customize" button and start customizing. You’ll then be asked to select the necessary number of colors for this design. You can even choose colors from popular bridal companies palettes to ensure they match your wedding look.

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From here you can run wild with all the different color combinations possible in your chosen pattern! Click and drag the colors in your palette to reorder them or choose “shuffle” to randomize the order of them.

You’re even in control of the product creation. Select your own product sizing,  including width and long length options for tall guys, in any of your customized designs. Kids sizes are available too and it's simple to use your color history to add complimentary or matching pocket squares.

Our bulk discounts still apply too. 5 or more ties are $37 each and 10 or more ties are just $35 each.

Custom Tie Designs

Why did we build this?

Because it turns out it’s actually a lot of fun to design your own ties - and just as rewarding for our customers. But also so you can:

- Create the perfect look for your wedding party by mixing and matching patterns and colors - including those from popular bridal companies.

- Design a set of versatile ties that go with your wardrobe in any season. No more sticking with one tie for only one shirt.

- Show your spirit or keep it classy with ties that match your company or school.

- Design a meaningful gift. Does your boyfriend love hiking but also only wears blue? You can easily create something fun in the colors you know they will love.

Custom Tie Designs

Helpful customizer hints.

Here’s a few more helpful hints when using our new customization feature.

Color matching is just as easy as it was before. We still offer a number of different palettes to choose from when selecting your colors. We have all 560 standard Knotty Tie colors, as well as those from bridal companies Azazie and David’s Bridal. Mix and match colors from any of these palettes to find the look you want.

By ordering a physical version of the Knotty Tie ColorMatch Chart before placing your customized tie order, you’ll be able to see the colors in person and adjust them on your own. It’s the easiest way to match your colors and verify what you are planning on ordering.

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Your personal wishlist is where all your custom designs are saved. Each time you customize a product, we’ll store it in your personal wishlist for safekeeping. There’s no need to create an account to save it either, just return to your browser and it’ll be there waiting. From your wishlist you can select the appropriate tie width and length, add items to your cart, or remove items that no longer fit your overall look.

Your wishlist is the easiest way to develop a set of customized ties and see them side by side. You’re even able to share your wishlist with your spouse, groomsmen, friends or family.

Formal Tie Designs

Even if you don't wear ties, we hope you can appreciate what we are seeking to achieve, and who knows, someday soon we may make other apparel or home goods that you'll truly enjoy.

Thank you all for supporting our company's efforts, in making the world a more welcoming, sustainable, creative and expressive place for all of us. Now go have fun and create some cool designs already!

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Skinny Knotty Classic
2.25" wide 2.75" wide 3.5" wide


Standard Extra-Long Extra-Extra-Long
58" long 62" long 66" long


Youth Self-tied
52" long
Kids's Pre-tied
Kids's Pre-tied
Kid's Pretied
Ages 10+ Age 2 and under Ages 2-6 Ages 6-10



Bow Ties 

Adult Kid's
Self-tied style
Adjustable for necks 14-18"
Pretied Style
Adjustable velcro closure