Wedding Tie Color Matching Do's and Don'ts

August 03, 2018

Blue Wedding Ties

Finding the perfect color is very important to our customers here at Knotty Tie Co.  In fact it’s one of the key elements to the custom design process, especially for our wedding clients. We know that matching colors from one garment or object to another can be daunting, and with online purchases you really never know what you’re going to get!

When it comes to your custom neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and scarves we’ve got your back. Our expert design team has put together some color matching Do’s and Don’ts to help you as you design!



Order a Free Knotty Tie ColorMatch Chart ASAP!

The Knotty Tie ColorMatch chart is our 560 colors printed onto the same recycled polyester twill used for our ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. We also include our printed matches to the David's Bridal and Azazie bridesmaid dress array of colors. Knotty Tie Co. is not affiliated with these companies in any way. We print our own textiles and do not use bridal companies fabric nor are we selling their products.

Get your free ColorMatch chart today! Only $5 for flat rate shipping and they ship same day.

Custom Book Bow Tie

Have swatches to match to.

If you are matching your custom ties or bow ties to the color of your bridesmaids dresses, the dress company will typically provide color swatches of their bridesmaids dress fabrics for little to no cost. If the color of your bridesmaids dresses will be featured prominently throughout the planning of your wedding details, you will absolutely want to obtain a color standard for it.

This way you can easily select a close match on our ColorMatch chart and even keep it in your wallet to have handy during various vendor appointments throughout your planning.

Another major element that you may be matching to is your wedding invitations. If so, be sure to keep a set of your sample invites on hand to refer to as a color standard throughout the planning process.

If all else fails or you aren’t able to keep an important color sample or swatch from a vendor or dress company, we recommend stopping by the paint department of your local Home Depot or Lowes and find the closest match to your wedding colors in the form of a paint swatch!

Custom Book Bow Tie

Recreate the event lighting.

Is your wedding going to be indoors or outdoors? Will it be taking place during daylight or night time? Lighting is everything when it comes to color matching because colors can look drastically different depending on how light is reflected off of them. Try to recreate the lighting that will be taking place on your wedding day when selecting your colors.

Remember, each fabric reflects light differently as well. If you are color matching a shade from our poly twill chart to say a chiffon bridesmaids dress, recreating the lighting on your day will be vital to getting an accurate match!

Create a full color palette.

Every wedding has a color pallet and so does every ensemble. Use your ColorMatch chart to select a full color pallet. If you are interested in designing patterns for your custom ties, there will always be at least two colors incorporated. Some patterns require up to six colors. Take a look at our comprehensive pattern guide to get a better idea of this.

Custom Book Bow Tie

Keep the complete ensemble in mind when determining the colors of your accessories. What color shirt will be worn as a backdrop for the tie? Do you want the tie to pop or be subtle? What color suit jacket will be worn as a backdrop for the pocket square? Think about how your groom and groomsmen’s accessories will accent or enhance their look as a whole.

Maybe you need to add some softer or lighter neutrals to give a dark palette some contrast, or maybe you’d like to incorporate the color of the suiting in a subtle way. A great color pallet has range and depth to it. If you’re struggling to decide on a pallet be sure to mention that in your design submission and our designers will be glad to give you some pointers!

Make a note of the colors you select.

With our customization feature, we've put the power to change the colors and design your own tie right in your hands. The colors listed on our ColorMatch chart will match with those displayed as part of the palette selection tool. It's incredible easy to adjust past custom designs that you started or create new ones in the exact colors you like from the printed chart.

For any questions on color matching or altering your designs, simply go to our website and chat with one of our team members or call 303.954.9470 during regular business hours.

ColorMatch Chart

Order swatches before purchasing.

Once you are happy with the designs you’ve created and have updated your colors from the ColorMatch chart, you are always welcome to order a set of final swatches. For custom design requests, simply submit your request as a revision, or get in touch with us directly.

If you would like swatches of designs you have customized yourself, reply to any email, give us a phone call or chat through our website during regular business hours. This way you get to see you designs in your exact wedding colors, printed on the actual tie fabric before you place your final order.

We recommend that you hold onto your ColorMatch chart until you’ve confirmed your final swatch colors in person. This way, if you receive your swatches and still want to make changes to the palette, you have our the entire library of colors right there in front of you.



Judge colors on a screen.

All screens are calibrated differently. Because of the obvious differences between printed fabric and computer or phone screens, there will be some variation between your digital proof and your final product. The only way for us to guarantee colors is by choosing them with our ColorMatch printed color charts.

Custom Book Bow Tie

Custom Book Bow Tie

Wait until the last minute.

You’ll want to allow for the time needed to order a ColorMatch chart and select the perfect colors. Not to mention, request a final set of swatches before your purchase your order. Our standard turnaround time is 15 days, but we do offer expedites of 12 and 7 days if needed! Read all about our expedited delivery options to get your custom goods right when you need them.

Don't miss our in-depth guest article by Everly on the best timeline for planning all of your wedding attire. 

Expect metallic colors to be shiny.

We do print shades of color which are close to the tone of various metals on our poly twill tie fabric but we do not use metallic inks of any kind.

Assume that all shades are the same.

Don’t get attached to the name of a color as these exact colors will always vary from one manufacturer to another and even from one type of textile to another. Common examples include blush and spa.

Blush Colors

The best example of this would be if a fabric that is completely opaque is printed with the very same color as a fabric that is completely sheer, the sheer fabric will always read much lighter in color. Being that a large amount of bridesmaids dresses are made from chiffon, a very sheer fabric, we always recommend judging the color of the sheer fabric when layered on top of its opaque lining fabric.

Select colors with low contrast.

This will make any design very hard to see. Remember, complementary colors have a strong contrast in the same way that light and dark colors have a strong contrast. If you are going for a more subtle or softer look be careful to keep this in mind. If there is not enough contrast between the colors selected, your final product may read as a solid color.

With our customization feature, you'll be able to see what high contrast and low contrast  color combinations look like in real time and create a set of personalized ties on the spot. It's now easier than ever to judge how distinct the pattern or colors will be side by side when choosing from your palette.

ColorMatch Chart

Select just one color.

If you are going for a monochromatic look, be sure to select additional shades of color with the same tone which are either lighter or darker. If you're working on a full custom design with us please specify which color you would like to be used most prominently in each design by commenting in your design submission notes before submitting your custom request.

ColorMatch Chart

Once you follow these steps you'll be well on your way to designing the perfect wedding, ties, bow ties, and pocket squares that look great and match your colors to a tee.

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