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Our modern neckties pair thoughtful craftsmanship with creative customizable design and are available in 3 widths and 4 lengths. Ties are built using recycled fabric designed to have a soft hand and just the right amount of subtle sheen and texture. We can also design custom ties.

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"My ties are beautiful, fun and creative. The material, workmanship and presentation upon arrival are very professional. The time in which they shipped and arrived was reasonable. Can't wait to do it all again."

"My go to tie company , own 8 ties and counting. Sent one back for repairs, no questions asked. Customer service is great too."

"I love ordering your ties for my husband and we've given so many as gifts! They are unique, well made, long lasting, and wear well. I have trouble getting him to wear any tie besides knotty ties!"

"By far the best place to purchase a tie from! The customize option allowed my idea to become a reality and I couldn't be happier with the result!"

"I love all the choices and customization! Width, length, designs, colors! The recipient of my gift loved the patterns and colors and really appreciates skinny ties. He says his Knotty Tie Co. ties are the ties that consistently get commented on."

"I now have three ties from Knotty Tie and they are all fantastic. Being able to customize all the colors individually makes them so unique and allows you to capture the exact aesthetic that you want."

"Great experience from start to finish. The tie felt like it was high-quality material and the customization tool was easy to use. The tie was exactly how I expected it to be."

“The customizer is fun to play with. The duration from purchase to my doorstep was faster than expected. (Mind you I had 12 different customized ties).”

“I customized my own tie and it came out looking even better than online! I love I thank you so much for this experience!”

“High quality ties, that I’m able to customize! I was very pleased with the product I received! And the shipping was pretty quick!!”

“Customized my tie and it came out perfect...I love it!”

Best product ever! Highly recommend.

“Loved the design and quality! Thank you!”


Skinny tie width
thin is still in


Knotty tie width
the happy medium


Classic tie width
wide and bigger knot


Standard length
up to 6' 1"


Long necktie
6' 2" and over, thick necks


Extra-long tie
6' 5" and over, thick necks


Youth short
kids and short adults

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necktie frequently asked questions

Silk ties historically have been popular, however, some have too high a sheen for modern tastes with a high price to match. Many people prefer the natural look of cotton or linen ties to silk but unfortunately cotton material often wrinkles easily and can become stiff from dying, printing or other chemical treatments applied. To create a more optimal fabric, we’ve developed a unique and exceptional woven twill fabric made from recycled plastics that mimic the hand and softness of a silk tie but without the excessive sheen. The result is a durable, sustainable, and ideal fabric for the perfect modern tie. The subtle texture of the weave compliments the vibrant and colorful printed designs, which enables the complete customization of Knotty Tie designs. While the outer fabric is normally what you notice, our quality neckties also have the perfect wool blend interlining that gives a necktie the right weight and provides structure to the body of the tie as it is tied and untied repeatedly.

The vast majority of our customers prefer something modern, but not too narrow, and select our Knotty Tie width, which measures 2.75” wide across the tip of the tie and works with almost all shirts, jackets and body shapes. Selecting an appropriate width tie has a lot to do with personal preferences but also should correspond to the collar of your dress shirt and lapel of suit jacket. Our skinny tie, which measures 2.25” wide, will work well with a slimmer collar and lapel. Likewise, our classic width tie, measuring 3.5” wide will work well with a more traditional collar and lapels. Whether your style is formal or casual, we offer a large selection of products for everyone.

Most commonly, people use the color blue when designing their ties. Blue ties are guaranteed to look good with a white or light blue dress shirt, especially with brown leather shoes and belts, which almost every person has a version of in their closet. 

When matching tie colors to a dress you can match closely using a solid color necktie or more subtly by incorporating the matching color as an accent color in the design of the tie. The type of event and clothing you are wearing is also important, with black, burgundy, brown, and other dark-colored ties known for more serious and formal occasions while orange, yellow, and lighter and brighter colors are commonly for more lighthearted affairs. Weddings vary widely based on the couple marrying and wedding theme but frequently are black tie events or use white, cream, or off-white in tie colors and tend towards monochromatic color usage.

  • Floral ties continue to be extremely popular, from desert and succulent designs to designs featuring Colorado's iconic aspen leaves
  • Solid color ties are always a simple way to be stylish and paisley ties are increasing and returning in popularity. 
  • Extra personalized touches that give ties extra meaning like monogram ties
  • Fun designs like dog breeds
  • Increased desire for customization and customizable ties, which can make classic striped, polka dot checkered and plaid ties feel extra unique and modern.
  • Out of this world space themed neckties

Our selection of hundreds of patterns available in hundreds of colors makes us the one-stop shop for creating any tie you can imagine.

Outfits look their best when completed with an appropriate length tie. We offer three adult tie length choices to fit everyone, tall or short. We generally advise our customers to select their tie length based on our height guide: 

  • Standard 58" length - Best for those up to 6'2" 
  • Long 62" length - Best for those between 6'3" and 6'5" 
  • Extra Long 66" length - Best for those taller than 6'5" 

These length suggestions are based on a modern look where the tie reaches down to the waistband or belt. If you prefer styling your ties shorter or longer, or prefer large knots that take more fabric to tie, keep that in mind as you determine your size. 

An appropriate length tie will be long enough to allow the tie tail to reach the catch or keeper loop - the little tag on the backside of the tie that keeps the tail neatly tucked away. Another helpful tip is to measure the length of your favorite tie at home and select the closest option to ensure you like the fit. For more guidance, check out our article on long and extra-long ties made easy.

Kids' neckties make great accessories for special occasion outfits. Our self-tie 52” neckties are recommended for boys and children ten and over for safety. Although we do not offer a pre-tied or clip-on necktie for kids, we do offer pre-tied bow ties with velcro closures in multiple sizes for infants to older children.

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