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Floral Ties

Our fresh take on a variety of floral designs from roses to succulents and everything in between, all with available color customization, make our floral ties blossom with any wardrobe.

floral necktie frequently asked questions

Just like the blooms that inspire them, floral ties come in a profusion of colors and patterns. Floral neckties range from sweet to edgy, with lots of middle ground in between. Our floral category even includes botanical print neckties without a single petal! In short, there’s a floral tie for everybody.

Think of floral prints as a form of self expression. What impression do you want to make? If you’re shopping for a specific event, try to match the style, colors, and overall vibe of the occasion. Ask yourself one question: Do you want to stand out, or do you want to fit in?

If you want to stand out:

  • Wear a loud pattern. Look for large scale or unusual floral designs – within reason, of course! You don’t want to upstage the groom at a wedding. 
  • Choose bright, eye-catching colors. 
  • Try to contrast your tie with your shirt or jacket. For example, try a yellow or peach tie with a blue jacket, or a green tie with a pink shirt. A color wheel can help with this. 

If you want to fit in:

  • Wear a quiet pattern. Look for small prints.
  • Opt for a dark or neutral color as a base (a gray or Navy blue suit, for example), and keep your colors muted: lavender or plum instead of purple, for example, or cream instead of bright white.
  • Try a monochromatic color scheme. Try a black and silver tie against a gray jacket, or a burgundy tie against a mauve shirt. A unifying color theme helps create a sense of harmony in your outfit.

Not only are floral ties popular, some reports say they are the most popular pattern in America. Florals are certainly some of the best selling patterns in our shop. Our Cooper Floral tie is a perennial favorite, maybe because the classical design has such a joyful look. Another bestseller, our Micro Floral pattern, has a more modern, but still elegant, vine and blossom motif that’s great for bow ties. Our sakura blossom tie, the Zak Floral, is another popular seller – the graceful pattern goes well with almost any outfit. 

Floral ties are especially popular for special occasions and celebrations, just like real flowers are. Our subtle Lacey Floral necktie works well for a groom in a formal wedding, where the lace pattern plays off the bride’s dress and veil. Another subtle floral bestseller, the Flowy Floral, is also popular for weddings. It doesn’t hurt that both of those ties look stunning printed in any colors.

Floral ties are always popular for weddings, likely because flowers play such an important role in wedding ceremonies. However, floral ties can also be dressed down easily to fit a more casual wardrobe. 

Many seasonal looks incorporate floral neckties. Pastel florals work especially well for spring, while bright blossoms and tropical flowers are popular summer choices. Floral patterns can also read as autumnal when printed in jewel tones or sepias. 

Floral neckties make wonderful groomsmen gifts because of this versatility. If you’re shopping for men’s wedding ties, consider choosing patterns the groomsmen can easily wear after the wedding. And of course, make sure the groom has a tell-tale tie to visually separate him from his attendants  – if the groomsmen are wearing floral prints, consider a solid color for the groom, or vice versa. Read more about choosing ties for grooms and groomsmen here. 

Floral ties look best when they are the centerpiece of your outfit. Your other clothing should accentuate the floral pattern, not compete with it. To pull your look together, consider echoing the colors of your tie in smaller items like watch bands, pocket squares, or even socks. 

A solid white or cream shirt is a natural choice to showcase the beautiful blooms of your floral tie. Add visual interest to your look by incorporating different textures, like a linen or cotton shirt, a silk waistcoat, or a velvet lapel. For casual wear, just add dark jeans and snappy shoes for an effortlessly stylish look. For more formal occasions, opt for a neutral suit or blazer in a solid color or with a very subtle pattern. 

Finally, don’t forget to add a pocket square to tie your ensemble together. A solid pocket square in a coordinating color always looks classy. However, because pocket squares are so small, they can incorporate a second pattern without distracting with your tie. Stripes pair especially well with florals – use narrow stripes to contrast with a large floral print, and wide stripes with a small floral.

Flowers aren’t just colorful and pretty. Special meanings have been given to certain flowers for thousands of years. The Victorians sent coded bouquets to share messages that couldn’t be spoken aloud in their society. 

Naturally, flower symbolism can also influence your choice in a floral tie pattern. Just like a coded bouquet, a coded tie can be given as a gift or worn to send a subtle message.  To say something special with your floral tie, consider these options:

  • Rose Buds represent achievement and hard work, thanks to the beautiful bud atop a long, thorny step. 
  • Fully bloomed roses (especially red ones) have long symbolized love.
  • Daisies symbolize innocence and loyal love. They could also mean, “I’ll never tell.”
  • Fuschia means deep love and trust.
  • Peonies represent bashfulness and the hope for a happy life
  • Sunflowers symbolize adoration.