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✨ |Designed with a soft hand, minimal sheen, subtle texture and thread wrapped edges.

♻️ |Constructed with high quality polyester twill fabric made from recycled plastics.

🇺🇸 |Made in USA, utilizing locally and globally sourced materials.

🌎 |Built to create employment for resettled refugees.

About This Design

These geometric pocket squares thrum with a pulsing electric pattern in the vibrant colors of Miami's sunsets and Tokyo's neon lights. Though the retro futuristic palette comes straight from the VHS era, the geometric pattern is entirely modern. So is the mission behind this eco-friendly pocket square.

Made in Colorado using sustainable materials and waste-minimizing production methods, these pocket squares support the Denver economy and provide fair wages to displaced refugees. It's a concept as brilliant as these neon colors. The smaller space of a folded pocket square minimizes the impact of the high-drama Aesthetic pattern, making it easier to pair with patterned ties, shirts, or jackets.

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