Custom Printed Face Masks: Better Quality, Better Customization

by Kevin Gaertner August 27, 2020

What’s The Best Way To Wash Your Reusable Face Mask? Tips For COVID-19

A printed face mask is as customizable and practical as a t-shirt, but suitable for formal and informal occasions alike given current events. The best part - you don’t have to be an artist or designer to create a custom printed face mask personalized with your logo, artwork, or custom text.

Custom printed masks are ideal for everyone from business owners to bridesmaids to school students. Logo printed face masks look professional and cohesive, while showing that your business takes employee and customer safety seriously.

Many schools, religious organizations, and nonprofits are keeping custom masks on hand to distribute to those who need them and are affiliated with their group. Matching masks are also a great way to create group unity for wedding bridal parties, clubs, and student groups, while other precautions are in place as well.

With our production in Colorado, we were able to quickly offer ethical and affordable face mask print on-demand services and continue to do so today. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about our printed face masks, made here in the USA.

Face Mask Cleaning Steps

Where can I order a custom face mask online?

Right here! Knotty Tie offers high-quality, custom printed face masks for anyone and any need. We have a low 10 piece minimum on custom face mask printing so it’s easy to get exactly what you need, in a design you have complete control over.

Our quick request form walks you through the process of creating the design of your custom full face masks. We’ll start by asking about your design and color preferences. You can upload your logo or vector artwork. After you submit the form, our design team will then reach out to you with options. We can create several unique designs based on your answers, and you can choose your final product.

For those getting hitched or married, we can help with the design of fully custom wedding face masks whether it’s for the reception, honeymoon, family, or groomsmen. We’ll create them in your matching wedding colors and add personal elements to make them fit within your existing theme.


Custom Wedding Face MasksStill wanting their once-in-a-lifetime wedding during a once-in-a-century pandemic, couples are moving forward with the ceremony and opting for personalized wedding face masks. Ear loop elastic included for flawless hair.

Matched to your wedding colors.
$23 each for 10 face masks.



For companies and organizations, we make branded reusable face masks with your logo, matching colors, and design elements unique to your brand. You can also order custom printed face masks wholesale.

We also now offer custom neck gaiters with no order minimums should you prefer a more versatile option that also offers protection from the sun and elements.

Face Mask Cleaning Steps

Are printed face masks breathable and washable?

Yes, our custom printed masks are as breathable and washable as our other masks. We use a high-quality polyester material that surpasses the World Health Organization guidelines for filtration efficiency and breathability.

All of our masks can be washed on the hot cycle of a washing machine and tumble dried on high heat, following CDC cleaning guidelines. However, if you order a custom printed face mask with a filter, remember to remove the filters from our Filter Pocket Masks before laundering.

We design our masks for maximum breathability and protection. Just make sure you are wearing your mask correctly. The CDC recommends washing your hands before putting your mask on, making sure it completely covers your nose and mouth. Your mask should fit snugly against your face.

Are custom face masks designed to last for a while?

Yes, our custom face masks are extremely durable for repeating washing. All of our masks are made from soft and durable polyester that has the soft feel of cotton, while ranking high on the CDC’s list of breathable fabrics that also filter droplets effectively.

The needs of essential employees and at-risk populations guided our design decisions when we pivoted into mask making. We studied a variety of face mask styles, focusing on comfort for long term wear. Our corporate branded face masks are perfect for your employees, whether they’re masking up for a long shift or for occasional appointments with customers.


Custom Logo Face MasksOur design team are experts at taking artwork and transforming it into unique designs. Create your custom made face mask and choose from two adult sizes. See one of a kind custom logo face masks in just 1-2 business days.

Matched to your colors and branding.
$17 each for 25 face masks.



We print our masks using dye-sublimation, which uses heat to embed your custom design directly into the fabric. Unlike other customization methods like screen printing, the design won’t fade or crack. Your custom printed medical masks will still be vivid, even after several washings. 

Our masks fasten with elastic straps that stretch over your head, avoiding irritation and pressure on the ears. We now offer a selection of masks with ear loops as well — and custom printed masks can be made with either option!

Face Masks With Filters

How are face masks made with custom designs?

After working with our design team to hone in your exact mask design, we print them in-house using dye-sublimation. Our team of skilled resettled refugees then cut and sew your masks to your sizing specifications.

Your masks arrive individually packaged in eco-friendly poly bags, along with a card insert that gives care instructions and additional helpful information to whoever might be receiving it. We proudly produce our custom face masks in Denver, Colorado, where we provide living-wage jobs to resettled refugees who skillfully create each custom printed face mask to order.

What is the cost of a custom face mask?

We offer bulk pricing on custom face masks, with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces. Pricing starts at $23 each for an order of 10 and goes as low as $16.25 each for larger orders. For those taking additional precautions, you can upgrade to our Filter Pocket for an additional $4 per mask. PM 2.5 Filters can be ordered as an optional add-on to all custom face mask orders.

We're committed to being a brand that employees, family, and friends ask for — and that you want to work with again and again. We strive to make custom masks affordable, without cutting corners in quality or ethics.


Face Mask FiltersPM 2.5 filters are available individually and fit into our Face Mask With Filter Pocket style which provides additional face covering versatility for commuters and outdoor enthusiasts.

These filters are made with 5 layers with the center layer being activated carbon. Cross compatible with other filter pocket masks.

$2 each for PM 2.5 filters.



How To Wear A Face Mask

How long does a custom face mask take to make?

We’re prioritizing face mask orders, so our standard production time is 5-9 calendar days. Shipping domestically typically takes 2-4 business days once they are in the mail. All orders are made and shipped from Denver, Colorado.

Canadian customers are welcome to inquire about international shipping options and rates for custom face masks.

Washing and care tips for your printed face masks.

After every use, wash your custom masks using hot water and regular detergent. Tumble dry on high heat. Before washing our Filter Pocket Masks, remember to remove the filter. All face masks should be washed before their first use.

Face Mask Cleaning Steps

Let's get started on your custom face masks.

If you want a custom face mask printed for your business, your wedding, or your school club, our designers are ready to help. Whether you need a small run of 10 or printed face masks in bulk, we make mask customization easy and affordable.

Our durable masks are machine washable and designed with breathability and comfort in mind. For essential workers or at-risk populations, our Filter Pocket Masks offer an additional degree of protection while meeting your branding or design requirements.

Get started now to see how easy it is to create the perfect custom mask for your needs.



Still have questions?

Contact our sales and support team to help. Contact us here

Kevin Gaertner
Kevin Gaertner


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Face Masks 

Adult Standard Adult Small
5" x 9"
Fits most male adults.
4.5" x 8"
Fits most women and young adults.


Neck Gaiters 

Regular Small
9.5” x 14”
Fits most men and those with larger heads.
8.5" x 14"
Fits most women and kids.




Skinny Knotty Classic
2.25" wide 2.75" wide 3.5" wide


Standard Long Extra-Long
58" long 62" long 66" long


Youth Self-Tied
52" long
Ages 10+


Bow Ties 

Adult Kids Pre-Tied Baby Pre-Tied
Self-tied style
Adjustable for necks 14-18"
Ages 2 and over
Adjustable velcro closure
Ages 2 and under
Adjustable velcro closure


Unisex Robes 

Comparable to 0-14 in Women's sizing
Comparable to Small or Medium in Men's sizing
31" wide at the waist
36" length
Comparable to 16-26 in Women's sizing
Comparable to Large or X-Large in Men's sizing
35" wide at the waist
39" length