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✨ |Made with a high quality polyester linen fabric and real wood dowels.

🇺🇸 |Made in USA, utilizing locally and globally sourced materials.

🌎 |Built to create employment for resettled refugees.

About This Design

A mile deep and 18 miles wide, the Grand Canyon is one of America's most iconic landmarks. Our design pays homage to the awe-inspiring view of the layered stone walls of the canyon, with the Colorado River winding through shadows below. The river itself is responsible for carving out the canyon in an ongoing process that's taken over five million years -- a nice reminder that our deadlines and frets are microscopic in nature's view.

Spruce up the living room or office with decorative wall hangings in unique prints. All wall hangings are printed on a high quality poly linen with a soft and textured feel.

Portrait wall hangings are 16" x 22" with a rope hanging assembly and your choice of wood dowel finish.