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✨ |Made with a high quality polyester linen fabric and real wood dowels.

🇺🇸 |Made in USA, utilizing locally and globally sourced materials.

🌎 |Built to create employment for resettled refugees.

About This Design

Once home to over 80 active glaciers, Glacier National Park now contains 26. Our wall hanging pays homage to the glacially carved valleys, craggy mountains, and lakes that make the park so perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and bicycling. Visitors also enjoy the park's historic lodges and chalets, built in a Swiss style, along with its mid-century Mission 66 architecture.

Spruce up the living room or office with decorative wall hangings in unique prints.All wall hangings are printed on a high quality poly linen with a soft and textured feel.

Landscape wall hangings are 22" x 16" with a rope hanging assembly and your choice of wood dowel finish.