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✨ |Butterfly style bow tie designed with a soft hand, minimal sheen and subtle texture.

♻️ |Constructed with high quality polyester twill fabric made from recycled plastics.

🇺🇸 |Made in USA, utilizing locally and globally sourced materials.

🌎 |Built to create employment for resettled refugees.

About This Design

One of our oldest and most popular designs, this whimsical dinosaur bow tie isn't going extinct any time soon. Kids and adults alike adore this playful prehistoric pattern. This kid friendly tie is perfect for teachers, or anyone else who works with children.

You can design your own bow tie by customizing the colors of these delightful dinos. Match it to your school colors, your wedding theme, or simply your favorite button-down. These dinosaurs are even more playful in bow tie form! Suspenders and a hat add to the whimsy of the Dinosaur bow tie.

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