Practical Groomsmen Gifts: Keepsake Wedding Ties By Design

by Anna Johnson April 19, 2018

Practical Groomsmen Gift Ties

Groomsmen play important roles in most weddings, from helping the groom choose the perfect jacket, to planning and paying for the bachelor party. They’re entrusted to talk the groom through any pre-wedding jitters and dance all night with the bridesmaids and single female guests at the reception. Practical groomsmen gifts are a great way to thank your guys for all of their time and support. But how can you choose the best groomsmen gifts without breaking the bank?

It’s no myth that more and more couples are looking to put their personal stamp on gifting for their big day. Surveys by The Knot in 20162017, and 2018, the largest of their kind, show that couples are increasing spending each year to customize the look and feel of their wedding. In fact, these same surveys also show trends towards fewer guests being invited to the wedding, with a larger individual focus on the bridal party, groomsmen, and close family.

But it can be challenging to find wedding gifts for groomsmen that fit into your overall budget for your big day. The top three most important considerations when planning a wedding include the cost, the overall look and vibe, and the personal elements that reflect your unique love story. With all of that to juggle, groomsmen gifts and best man gifts can sometimes become an afterthought.

We have a better idea: practical groomsmen gifts that both add to the overall look and personalization of your wedding. Keep reading for our favorite groomsmen gift ideas, and some guidelines we’ve learned from helping thousands of clients create meaningful gifts. Here's a shortlist of our favorite practical groomsmen gifts:

  • Custom Ties
  • Lapel Pins
  • Sunglasses
  • Whiskey (especially Bourbon)

Practical Groomsmen Gift Ties

What are the best practical groomsmen gifts?

The best option for practical groomsmen gifts are personalized items that can be used or worn over and over again while staying on budget.

We believe our customized wedding ties are some of the most practical gifts out there since the groomsmen can wear them again down the road for all different occasions. Whether your groomsmen have their own pick of patterns or you give them free rein to customize your wedding palette to fit their personality, they’ll receive something special and memorable from the occasion that will see use for years to come. Best of all, you can choose custom ties as groomsmen gifts without extending your formalwear budget!

If you prefer more casual looks for your groomsmen, custom pocket squares also make practical gifts. Pocket squares add instant style and sophistication to any jacket and open-collar shirt. With or without a tie, our custom pocket squares add a personal touch to your wedding, while giving your groomsmen a timeless accessory for their wardrobes.

But what if the groom’s attendants include women, as many modern weddings do? While lots of women look sharp in neckties, our hair scarves make great gifts for female honor attendants who are dressing in a more feminine style.

Do guys like personalized groomsmen gifts?

Definitely! Whether you involve your groomsmen in the designing process or not, in the end, they’ll receive personalized groomsmen gifts that will likely work with their regular wardrobe. What’s not to love?

By choosing colors and designs that complement their looks and personality, you can create cool groomsmen gifts the men in your wedding party will use and appreciate for years to come. Well-chosen neckties and pocket squares never go out of style. Best of all, they will always remind your groomsmen how much you appreciate them.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

How do you make wedding gifts for groomsmen exciting? 

Involving your groomsmen in the design process is an easy way to get them excited about their custom ties. You can get their input even if you want to keep the final design a surprise. After all, at some point, you will have to sit down with your groomsmen anyway to share your vision for the wedding party and arrange the logistics of their outfits.

A popular idea is to show your groomsmen your wedding palette and decide together which colors do and don’t work for them. Discuss possible tie patterns that would fit with the overall look you have in mind. Look through the groomsmen ideas in our wedding design gallery together. Learning about their tastes and preferences will help you choose ties your groomsmen will love wearing even after the wedding is over.

To make your gift really special, consider creating a custom tie for each groomsman instead of having them all wear the same design. Just make sure to use the same color palette and aesthetic to create a harmonious and unified look for your wedding party. Mix-and-match groomsmen ties bring a fresh, modern energy to your wedding — and result in truly personalized gifts.

After all, every friend or family member you’ve asked to be a groomsman plays a different role in the story of your life. We work with thousands of clients each year who use the expertise of our in-house graphic design team or the easy self-customization tool on our website to create ties that highlight each groomsman’s unique personality.

A beer hops pattern for the craft beer enthusiast, a computer icon pattern for the tech nerd, a state-themed tie for the state university grad. All of these designs can be colored to match your exact wedding color palette, and serve as the perfect wedding accessories and groomsmen gifts on the big day.

How can I design my own custom groomsmen gifts? 

At Knotty Tie, we strive to make one-of-a-kind wedding apparel accessible to all brides and grooms. The self-customization tool on our website makes it fun and easy to personalize our patterns in your wedding colors. Creating a custom tie has never been easier or more affordable.

First, decide on a tie pattern by browsing our massive collection of wedding tie designs. When you find a design you love, click the "customize these colors" button below the product description. Then simply select your colors — the more intricate your design, the more colors you will need to pick. With hundreds of colors to choose from, you are sure to find exactly the shades you need for your wedding. You can even filter by Azazie or David’s Bridal colors!

Once you’ve selected your colors, a live preview of your design will open. This is the fun part! Simply drag and drop the colors until your creation looks just right for your big day! The shuffle button lets you randomize your chosen colors. Save as many options as you desire to your wishlist and narrow them down later. Our patterns are all organized by wedding themes and styles to make it easy to browse based on the look you have in mind.

Mix Match Groomsmen Ties

Does the best man get a different gift than the groomsmen? 

Trends are always changing. Although the best man used to get a separate gift, we now see more and more grooms opting to keep things consistent for all the groomsmen. However, if the best man is a sibling or relative, a special memento in addition to a great practical gift might make sense.

If you opt for keepsake wedding ties as the gifts for all the groomsmen, additional personalization can easily create thoughtful best man gifts. For instance, the best man’s tie could have a different color or design than the other groomsmen — just make sure it’s not so different that your guests mistake him for the groom!

Additional accessories such as pocket squares can also help to set your best man apart. This will not only help distinguish him visually, but can also add an extra special touch to his unboxing on the wedding day.

Are groomsmen gifts necessary? 

Groomsmen gifts are not required by any means, but the vast majority of grooms will give their groomsmen gifts in some shape or form to thank them for joining them at the wedding as part of the bridal party. A gift is generally regarded as an acknowledgment of the time, effort, and money your groomsmen contribute as part of your wedding.

Many grooms opt for groomsmen gift sets or bags that have a number of unique groomsmen gifts within. This array of gifts can either work together and complete the formalwear look, or be other tokens of appreciation, personalized or not.

Opening the groomsmen gift box can help to set the tone for your wedding day. The unboxing gives the groomsmen a shared moment of camaraderie and excitement before the flurry of last-minute preparation. It also creates a fun photo opportunity.

The keepsake ties you create for your groomsmen will look even more special packaged with some of the items we suggest in the next section.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

What are other unique groomsmen gifts? 

There is no shortage of resources or ideas out there for finding the perfect unique groomsmen gifts. In fact, there are websites devoted entirely to outfitting the bridal party in creative ways, but at the end of the day, it’s all about what you want the gifts to say to your groomsmen.

Many couples create groomsmen gift sets that create all of the special touches they need to take their wedding formal wear to the next level. Why not pair your custom tie with a coordinating pocket square or a stylish pair of socks? Cufflinks for groomsmen are classic. A tie clip groomsmen gift is also a practical and stylish option.

For a unique twist, consider giving the guys themed lapel pins instead of tie clips or cufflinks. Are you all from the same state? A Texas-shaped pin adds a nice consistent look to the suit. Lapel pins can also highlight shared hobbies or group in-jokes. If you are looking for truly personalized groomsmen gifts, consider choosing a different lapel pin for each guy to showcase his unique personality.

Want the top to bottom consistency and cool factor when taking photos with all the groomsmen? Finish the look with matching sunglasses and groomsmen gift watches packaged in personalized boxes for each man in your party. Of course, your gift boxes shouldn’t be limited to items your groomsmen can wear at the wedding itself. Draw on your history with your group to include a few fun items they can enjoy later.

Did you all go to college together and enjoy reminiscing over some whiskey? Sets of whiskey and bourbon themed gifts like groomsmen whiskey glasses, groomsmen tumblers, or groomsmen shot glasses are sure to be a hit. Filled or empty, a customized groomsmen flask makes a fantastic gift. Personalized mini barrels or decanters might also be great for your group.

If your guys prefer beer to whiskey, consider personalized groomsmen beer mugs or a groomsmen bottle opener. You can even package your gifts in a special groomsmen cooler! If a cooler is too large, consider packaging your gifts in a custom groomsmen cigar box.

Does your group prefer healthier bonding activities? Personalized water bottles are one option. So are neck gaiters for hiking or skiing. Another classic option is a groomsmen pocket knife.

In the end, your groomsmen gift box is only limited by your budget and imagination. Have fun choosing items your groomsmen will appreciate. No matter how simple or extravagant, a groomsmen gift box shows how much you appreciate each man in your wedding party.

Custom Wedding Tie Boxes

Get started on your keepsake wedding ties.

On their own or packaged into a gift box, our custom ties are a great way to thank your groomsmen for their presence and support on your big day.

Not only are custom neckties thoughtful and practical gifts, but they also contribute to the overall look and personalization of your wedding. And since you need to choose ties for your groomsmen anyway, turning them into custom gifts helps to streamline your planning and budget.

Depending on your vision for your wedding party, you can either design a matching set of ties for all of your groomsmen or design mix-and-match patterns that highlight each guy’s individual style and personality.

Our custom wedding ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and even scarves (they make great shawls too!) will help complete the unique look and feel of your wedding day - while becoming a lasting wardrobe accessory that each of your groomsmen will enjoy for years to come!

Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson


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