Denver Neighborhood Ties

by Anna Johnson November 23, 2016

Knotty Tie Co is always seeking to create meaningful designs inspired by our surroundings and community. We are thrilled to announce our most recent design project in collaboration with History Colorado and Go Play Denver to bring you a collection of ties and scarves inspired by the rich history of Denver neighborhoods. Each week we will release new patterns featuring designs focused on the following neighborhoods:

  • Capitol Hill
  • Washington Park
  • Five Points
  • Stapleton
  • Cherry Creek
  • Highlands
  • Globeville
  • Lincoln Park

We kicked off the research and design process with a trip to the Stephen H. Hart Library & Research Center. The incredibly knowledgable librarians pulled hundreds of documents, photos, and even handwritten accounts from the archives at History Colorado. Most of the documents were so old that we were all required to wear special white gloves while handling them! After sifting through many black and white photos, handwritten letters, and old maps we started to get a better idea of the unique historical identity of each Denver neighborhood.  Here are some photos from our experience at History Colorado:

"It was so neat to see all of the old photographs and realize that even though the physical landscape has changed greatly in many cases, the culture and the way people interact with and identify with a specific area has stayed the same over time in many ways!" - Knotty Tie Designer Christiana Lambert

Click here to view the neighborhood collection! 

Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson


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Face Masks 

Adult Standard Adult Small
5" x 8"
Fits most male adults.
4.5" x 7"
Fits most women and young adults.



Skinny Knotty Classic
2.25" wide 2.75" wide 3.5" wide


Standard Long Extra-Long
58" long 62" long 66" long


Youth Self-Tied
52" long
Ages 10+


Bow Ties 

Adult Kids Pre-Tied Baby Pre-Tied
Self-tied style
Adjustable for necks 14-18"
Ages 2 and over
Adjustable velcro closure
Ages 2 and under
Adjustable velcro closure